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Friday, December 11, 2009

Contest Hidup Berani Untuk Gagal

I would say that this is the hottest end of the year contest. The organizer is Mr. Denaihati. The sponsors for this contest are:
 DSGClicks, Berani Gagal Network, One Malaysia Blogshops, Anisha Online Mall and Saudacare.

The Terms and conditions for this contest:
1. Terbuka kepada Satu Dunia Melayu yang mempunyai weblog samada berbahasa Melayu atau English.
2. Buat satu entri bebas di weblog ANDA dan wajib ada perkataan "HIDUP BERANI UNTUK GAGAL" dan saya tahu contest "HIDUP BERANI UNTUK GAGAL" dari blog : contoh saya tahu contest "HIDUP BERANI UNTUK GAGAL" dari blog Hidup Biar Sedap.
3. Dalam entri Anda wajib ada nama-nama sponsor dan tolong update bila ada sponsor baru.
4. Dalam entri jangan lupa backlink kepada Denaihati.
5. Tinggalkan komen dan link entri anda di posting contest "HIDUP BERANI UNTUK GAGAL" di weblog Yang Terbuku Di Hati.
6. Jangan lupa subscribe blog ini melalui email dan aktifkan.
7. Follow Twitter @Denaihati dan klik button retweet di entri ini.
8. Follow Facebook @Denaihati dan kongsikan link contest ini dengan teman-teman Facebook ANDA.
9. Tambahkan link blog Denaihati ke dalam bloglist ANDA untuk terus monitor contest ini.
10. Hadiah hanya untuk weblog sahaja, website forum dan website umum tidak dikira, seandainya bukan weblog maka peserta seterusnya akan dikira sebagai pemenang. Hanya 10 weblog teratas dikira sebagai pemenang.
11. Penganjur berhak mengubah atau update syarat-syarat mengikut kesesuaian pada bila-bila masa.

I would prefer to write my entry in English because that's the main language in my blog. bukan sbb lebih berbangga dgn bahasa ni sampai lupakan Bahasa Melayu ye . I've read other entries that have been written by other bloggers and I would say that mine might not be as good as them. However as I believe on "Hidup Berani Untuk Gagal",  I won't be hesitate to try my luck in this contest as well. What I can write is based on my own life experiences. Like other people, I've been experiencing the highs and lows. But my subconcious mind or "Minda Bawah Sedar" always tell me not to give up in life and there'll be light at the end of the tunnel.

These were some of my "Hidup Berani Untuk Gagal" experiences:
  • When I was 13 years old, I studied in one of religious schools in Kelantan. In order to jump from the remove class to Form 1, we (my 3 good friends and I) had to achieve more than 85% in our mid year exam. We succeeded with flying colours in that exam but we had another hurdle when we only had 1 month to prepare ourself for the end of the year exam. We competed with the other Form 1 students and we achieved something incredible. I got the 5th place for the whole Form 1 and my friends scored good place too.
  • When I was Form 4, I received an offer from one of the residential schools in Kedah. I accepted the offer without knowing that I had to take additional mathematic as one of the subjects for SPM. Mathematic was definitely not my strong point but I determined to give it a try. The result was.....I failed the subject "with flying colours"! maksudnya dpt F9. hehe
  • When I was actively involved in Taekwondo saya taklah sehebat Little Mama yg ada black belt ini bukan sarcastic ye Little Mama tapi pujian, I determined to achieved the black belt. However due to my knee injury (I broke some ligaments on my left knee), I had to stopped practising Taekwondo. I only stopped after I had participate in Taekwondo tournament and Silat Tournament in UKM during the Sports Day in UKM. tak ingat apa nama sebenar sukan UKM tu. hehe It paid me off when I won the bronze medal in Taekwondo tournament for the under 50kg category or they call it the lightweight category.
  • When I decided to quit from being a tutor at the Engineering Campus, USM, I knew that my parents would really disapproved it. But based on "Hidup Berani Untuk Gagal", I believed that I was better off if I could live under one roof with my hubby and I would succeeded in other workplace too. I decided that our eldest daughter needed to really spent time with her father and not just met him during the weekend. During that time, my hubby had to travel back and forth every weekend from KL to Penang (he was doing his Master in UPM) just to see us. 
  • Right now based on "Hidup Berani Untuk Gagal", I have done some odd jobs to fill up my time. As a SAHM, I have plenty of time and I don't want to waste my time just by sit and doing nothing. I had taken jobs as a translator (my friends here asked me to translate their findings), a babysitter, a chef takdela chef apa sgt cuma ada org tempah mknan, a seasonal cookie maker time nak rayala tu and a proofreader. 
I guess that's all that I want to share about my life experiences. lgpun baru 31 thn, banyak lg rasanya pengalaman lps ni . Before I forgot, I need to mention that I knew about this contest from the blog Yg Terbuku Di Hati owned by Mr Denaihati.


Wan Anie said...

at last!

Nur,Nura, Nurad, Yani said...

hehe. I've been putting off writing an entry about this contest.

denaihati said...

Tahniah berani sahut cabaran BERANI GAGAL. Ini entri english yang ke 3 ..power tu. Blog ni peserta ke 87.

yatie chomeyl said...

nok masuk retek tapi tunggu idea mari utk tulis huhuhu