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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Contest Ceria Si Ayah Bersama Anak

I guess more and more bloggers are so keen to organize their own contests now. It's good as it attract more traffic to their blogs. This time, I'm interested to join this contest; "Contest Ceria Si Ayah Bersama Anak". The organizer is Fasha. Let's see the banner:


I've tried my best to find the best photo to suit the theme of the contest. And I've come to the conclusion that this special photo should be fine:

Father's name: Ariff K.
Daughter's name: Kakak @ Thini
 Location: Waikato University's lake. (sajer je tambah ni, takpe ye Fasha?)

If you are also interested to join this contest, you should visit this link:
This contest ends 30 Dec 2009. dlm 10 hari je lg, jd cepat2...

1 comment:

ummiluqman said...

wah contest lagi.. all the best. and cantik layout baru ni :)