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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Congratulations To My Dearest Sis Awin!

Words can't really describe how I felt today when I received the news from my abah(father) that my youngest sister, Nur Amalin scored 8As for PMR. She repeated her brother's excellent result when Mohd Rasul scored straight As too last year. If only I can hug her now to tell her how proud I am as her eldest sis when she succeeded. adik2 ni lg pandai dr kakak sulung diarg yg hanya dpt 6A dlm PMR. huhu

She is quite close to me as I am the one who would defend her or be on her side when my other siblings teased her. When she was born, I was 16 years old and I only managed to see her during the school holiday. I was in one of the Residential school in Kedah and I would be able to take care of her during the school holiday. I remembered that she cried when I got married and she didn't want to let me stay at my in-laws house after our wedding reception in Kelana Jaya. masa tu dia baru berumur 9 thn!

What makes me so proud is she can stay focus on her study even after we lost our dearest mom last year. saya tahu ramai juga yg berjaya dlm hidup walaupun kehilangan ibu/bapa atau kedua2nya She was the one who really looked lost after we lost our mom. And yet she proved that she's strong and ready to take on any challenges.

K.Nur, Abe Ariff, Tini and Fizah love you.

P/S: My other sis, Yatie had also written something about our beloved little sis. This is the link:



yatie chomeyl said...

haha I remembered those moment when she cried on your wedding ceremony back in Kelana Jaya.. lucu betul, kami semua pakat2 gelakkan *jahat sunggoh*

Em's Family said...

Congrats to your little sister, budak-budak sekarang ni makin pandai pandai kan..

Nur,Nura, Nurad, Yani said...

Ti: tula demo sokmo ngosek Awin tu.

Em: adik2 I mmg lg pandai dr kakak sulung diaorg ni. hehe. tapi I tumpang bangga.

kakyong said...

salam kenal,

nuradyani ni kakak yatie mommy sn yer....