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Thursday, December 10, 2009

I need some ideas on......

I would like to ask my readers if you have some ideas on.... what to do with heaps of cherry plums that we have in our backyard? I've asked my Msians friends to come to our garden and collect those plums. However, as we have 4 plum trees, there are heaps more! I know that I can make some baking using the plums but the last time I bake a cake, it lasted more than a week and at last it went into a bin. Some of my friends suggested that we should sell the plums. The problem is those plums don't really belong to us since we are renting this property now. The owner of this house planted the plum trees about 10 years ago and every summer, there are heaps of cherry plums or some said it is also called as "x-mas plums" on those trees. kalau main dlm Farmville, lambat je plum tree tu nak berbuah, ni bila ada pokok yg betul2 tak tahu nak buat apa. haha I would welcome any ideas as long as we could do something with the plums. sorry Ti, tok leh nok pos ke Fukuoka, Jepun sbb by the time Ti dpt mesti plums tok molek doh.  When we have the plum season here, it reminds me of the durian & mangosteen season. dulu siap panjat2 atas pokok manggis a.k.a buoh "seto". Here are some the photos of the plum trees:


yatie chomeyl said...

sedaknyorrr....pos lah, wat jeruk..,mesti tehe lamo hehe

Nur,Nura, Nurad, Yani said...

baru nok tra wat jeruk. tengokla jadi ko dok dulu.