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Friday, January 8, 2010

Adding, rejecting and deleting friends in FB.

How many of you have a Facebook account/s? I'm sure most of you have it as it's the leading social networking site and have gained its popularity since it's been launched 5 years ago! I'm not going to discuss the importance of FB or promoting it here. I just want to share my thoughts in adding and deleting friends in FB.

How many friends do you have now in FB? I'm sure most of you have heaps. As for me, at them moment,  I have about 309 friends. Honestly, I didn't think I have so many friends before. But with the help of this social networking, I have plenty. I kept adding friends without even thinking twice. The advantage is I have more friends but right now I felt guilty when I don't really reconnect with all of 309 friends. It's kind of impossible right especially whe you are not so soure what are your old friends are up to now. Sometimes I feel that I can't find the things that my friends and I share in common except that we used to know each other. Am I pathetic?  To help me in recognizing my friends, I had categorized my friends into few categories (it might not make sense to other people but it works for me). The categories are family, peachgrove pc, Hamilton, SMSAH, Teslians, PPP/ITM friends, USM friends,
ELS/KL friends and the latest one is the bloggers. huh, banyak tak kategori2 tu

When it comes to rejecting and deleting friends, I had somehow (cruelly) rejecting couple of requests and also deleting some of my friends. Why did I reject or delete them? The reasons being I don't really know them personally (friends from existing friends), some friends tried to flirt ada lelaki2 gatal ye sedara sedari and some of them who have nothing in common with me AT ALL!. bunyi mcm saya ni pemilih sgt2 Yup! I have to admit that I'm quite choosy when it comes to friends.


We can argue and write the pro and cons about adding, rejecting and deleting friends in FB. However, lastly it will come down to how we feel about this 
and how far is our own comfort zone. So, what say you?


yatie chomeyl said...

jange delete t sudohlah hik3x

temp. housewife said...

takkanla nok delete adik sendiri. Maksud knur org2 yg bukan betul2 jkwn pun, cuma nak add kita sbb ada suggestions dr FB bila kita friends dgn kwn dio. pahtu mmg ado 2, 3 lelaki miang cuba ngorat! dah sah2 status kito married pun nok try lg. isk2x

kakyong said...

uishhh.. ade gak boye dlm FB yer..
kakyong tak penah le lagi kena.. kalo kena sah2 delete..

Nadiah Sidek said...

haha..lawak la yatie ni. friend list nadiah dh brp ye skrg? lupa lak. dlm 400 ++ la. dlm list tu hny ada bbrp org je yg nadiah tak kenal tp nadiah biar je la dulu selagi diorg tak buat benda pelik2 (ie tulis bkn2 kat wall, gmbr tak senonoh, nk mengorat dll).

add nadiah ye kak nur: Nadiah Sidek

sirna said...

it is our right to reject any friend for me, i also rejected many friend request as i dunno them at all or they are trying to flirt as well,they even send a message ask to accept their request..tak layan langsung,biarla tak ramai kawan pun kan...huhu

temp. housewife said...

K.Yong: mmg ada K.Yong boye dlm FB. tu yg tak kuasa nak layan tu.

temp. housewife said...

Ok Nadiah. Knur add Nadiah nanti.

temp. housewife said...

YOu are absolutely right Sirna. It's better to be careful when in comes to this.

Sitisifir10 said...

k.Nur, saya ada 825 dan ramai yang add itu adalah geng2 blogger yang kenal2 kucing (hihi...ini istilah saya reka sendiri)...saya ada juga delete org especially kalau dia ado hantar spam atau dia punya wall asyik tunjuk skim cepat kaya aje....ahahaha.... yg lain tu adelah juga join puak2 politik...both side meh...nak tgk dan fikir :)

SOHO Mama said...

Hullo there :)
I pun buat mcm you buat. Mula2 dulu confirm je..lepas tu eh takde pun they all berkomunikasi dgn I & vice versa. So skrg, request2 baru, terpaksa tapis. Tapi I belum kategorikan lagi hu huu..

temp. housewife said...

Pijah ada lg ramai ye. pasal puak2 politik tu, knur pun ada jd fan tapi setakat tu jelah.

temp. housewife said...

It's easy when u have the categories. I categorize so I remember where did I knew them before.