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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Summer Picnic with WUMA's members @ Innes Common(an almost expired entry)

Last Sunday (17 Jan. 2010) we had a wonderful time at Innes Common, Hamilton Lake, Hamilton. It was Summer Picnic with WUMA's members. Actually it was also the first event for this year that has been organized by WUMA (Waikato University Malaysian Association). They organized the event to give the opportunity for the old members to re-register as members and get the new members to register as members. Somehow I reckon it has become a picnic cum family day.

The event started at 10 a.m. When we arrived, there were only the committee members who were just setting up the venue. Thus it made us the early birds. but sadly no prize for the early birds-gurau je By 10.30 a.m. more Malaysians arrived and they started off the event with the BBQ agenda. MAKAN!/ Brunch Time! What's on the menu: BBQ chickens, lambs, mussels, mash potato, coleslaw, rhubarb cupcakes, lollies, fruits, honey cornflakes, roti canai and tuna sandwiches.

The committee members had planned several games for adults and kids. They started off with games for kids. (masa ni Tini n Fizah masih seronok main kat playground tak jauh dr situ. kenala panggil diaorg bila game start). I'm not sure what kind of games they played in the beginning as I had to get my princesses to join the other kids. Fizah took part in the game where only kids under 3 yrs old were allowed to participate. They had to pick up as many sweets as possible. Fizah was a bit clueless of what to do when there were so many people shouting "Pick it up, Fizah". (kelakar sgt masa ni sbb Fizah tengok je gula2 tu. ) After a lot couching and I actually asked her to bend and get the sweets, she finally pick up two sweets! yelah sweets yg lain budak2 lain dah ambik.haha


The first event for women was playing football in the designated area marked by the red plastic ropes. (tali raffia). It's kind of difficult because players have to stay and kick the ball in the square where they were standing. They were 5 players for each team. So, we had Team A and Team B. I was one of the Team B's players. sebenarnya mmg saya yg tergedik2 menvolunteerkan diri. ehehe It was funny to see how we played as we were the pension mothers who had no or zero knowledge in playing football and opps three teenegers who never play football too. (main sepak sesuka hati jer)Team B scored 4 goals defeating Team A with only 1 goal difference. Yeay! It was my team! The prizes; two bottles of soda drinks and a pack of cookies. (bukan kisah sgt pasal hadiah tapi seronok main dgn kwn2).

When the men played the football, it was totally a different story. Well, most of them somehow have the experiences in playing football. They didn't looked uncomfortable or funny. Plus some of them play every Sunday with the other Malaysians men too! They were divided into two teams as well; Team A and Team B. But I was not sure which team my hubby joined and which team won because I was busy taking photos, making a video and looking after my daughters at the same time.

The next games were for the kids. First the kids under 7 participated in the race of carrying a balloon in pairs. (susah juga sbb kena pusing blkg, pegang tgn kwn dan lari bawa belon tu). Only two pairs managed to race to the finish line. The rests were either had misfortunate incidence of balloon popping or their partners refused to take part. Even for the older kids (7 yrs and above), only three pairs managed to cross the finish line. Some kids who didn't finish the race were asking for the prizes and the organizer had to somehow gave in. (mcm2la budak2 ni.hehe)

Just when I thought the games was over, the organizer announced that there were two more events for the day! alamak, masa tu Fizah dah tertidur sbb dah penat dan masa tu dah agak panas-pkl 1 tghr.
They asked all of the women to participate in popping balloon game. We had to blow our balloon and tied it to the ankle with a rubber band. Then, we had to go and step into other people balloon where the last woman standing with balloon won the game. I was not so good at playing the game and I was out within few seconds. Watching the other contestants was so much fun when they were quick and witty. At last, the last two women standing won the games. penganjur dah tak larat tunggu diaorg nak pecahkan belon sbb asyik main kejar2 je.hihihi The last game for the day involve the family members. Each family had to stand on newspaper. Each round, the newspaper had to be folded and they had to cleverly figured out how to balance on the folded newspaper. This was the funniest game for the day as we witnessed so many funny balancing acts.

By 2.30 p.m., we all exhausted and we took the last group photo and tidied up the place. Since this might be the last activity of WUMA we could join, we certainly feel happy as we had sweet memories and it was really a blast! Thanks WUMA!



yatie chomeyl said...

that was fun...nti klu ado aktiviti sini nok tiru aktiviti ni retek ahh

Izan said...

best giler..k ijan teringin nak tengok game last tu, msti sumer tergelak2 sambil jatuh2..ha ha ha

Pak Man laksam said...

Ramai juga orang Malaysia kat sana ya......meriah nampak nya.

Nadiah Sidek said...

seronoknya ada program macam ni. sini kalau ada pun, dibuat kat chicago sana. jauh la dari sini..huhu..

temp. housewife said...

Ti: tirula. best!
K.Ijan: diaorg terer masa game last tu. tak jatuh pun.
Pak Man: ramai juga sbb ada yg belajar, ada yg bekerja di sini.
Nadiah: kalau tak ramai pun, buatlah program2 mcm ni, best juga bila berkumpul.