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Friday, January 22, 2010

Sweet As...Good as gold....

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 The first few months I converse with the kiwis here, I was somehow clueless of certain words that they used. As I don't want to misunderstood what they had said, I asked them to tell me the real meaning. sebenarnya malu juga nak tanya tapi kalau silap faham lg haru kan. The Kiwi slang and colloquialism is unique as it comprises of Te Reo Maori (Maori Language) and also Kiwi English. 

I just want to highlight some of the words and phrases I hear almost every day whenever I intereact with kiwis. I would also give some examples of conversations using the words. Not all the conversations really took place bcs I can't really recall my own conversations. Pardon me if I have to create some examples. yelah otak saya bukannya "superb" sgt nak ingat semua. hehe
  • Sweet as....
 it means "awesome" or "cool". 

Me: Look at this painting that my daughter did.
Tania: Sweet as. She's quite good.

  • Good as gold.....
 it means a good job or not a problem.
Me: Is it okay if I pay you tomorrow?
Sarah: Good as gold, mate, good as gold.

  •  Text...
it means to send a message via mobile phone.
Me: We should meet during school holiday. I'll text you when I'm free.
Cindy: Sure. 

  • Cuppa...
it means a cup of tea, coffee or milo.
Michelle: Help yourself at the kitchen if you want a cuppa.
Me: Okay I will. (though the first time I heard this I didn't know the meaning)
       dlm hati: gapo namolah nyo royak pulok

  •    Togs....
it means swimsuit, bathing costumes.
Annette: Don't forget to bring your kids togs tomorrow.
Me: Why? Is it going to be a "Water Day" tomorrow?
Annette: Yup, love.

  • Good on ya, mate....
it means congratulations or well done.
Child: Mum, I can climb on the slide!
 Mommy: Good on ya, mate.

I guess that's all that I share for the time being.takut kan ada yg broing plak baca entri ni Their slang and colloquialism has some similarities with Aussies. I've always been fascinated with languages; that's why I took TESL for my degree. Every time I have the chance to converse with kiwis, I would somehow learn new slang words. kdg2 tu payah sgt nak faham sbb diaorg pun ada accent diaorg Kiwis also have their accent which make me struggle a bit to understand what they are saying. Don't be surprise please if I tell you that I have to ask my kiwi friends to repeat what they say and vice versa. They sometimes struggle to understand what I was saying. huhu. nak buat mcmmana kita pun kdg2 terguna kita punya Manglish.



yatie chomeyl said...

tu tok dgr slang Japlish lagi..contohnyo : "boru"-ball, "doa"-door, "taberu"-table, "hansamu"-handsome muahahah...pening gilosssss

Sitisifir10 said...

sene kecek kelate jugok dih....

Mommy Lyna said...

Fail lah kawe kalo bab2 colloq ni. Muahaha.

Nadiah Sidek said...

sweet as tu macam ayat tergantung pulak :D

temp. housewife said...

Ti, Japlish lg knur tok pehe kot.

temp. housewife said...

betul2 kecek kelate lg semesek.

temp. housewife said...

kalu doh biaso dengar takpo. tu pun sokmo keno tanyo balik kiwis ni gapo nyo royak. huhu

temp. housewife said...

sebenarnya kiwi ni suka tambah "as" kat hjg2 certain words.

Daddy Zuki said...

I think their terms mentioned by u are not that confusing as we are TESLians. What happens to those who are not exposed to these terms? BTW, where did u take your 1st degree? I did it at UM only as I was not good enough to go to overseas.

temp. housewife said...

Cikgu Juk,
I did my 1st degree in PPP/ITM & UKM.