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Monday, January 11, 2010

Series of the unfortunate events....

I have this unprofessional organizational skill called "the-last-minute-plan or "the-spur-of-the-moment-plan". I came out with the terms myself. not sure if they are exist or not Most of the time it didn't really affect me and most of my plans went well. BUT not YESTERDAY! I had series of the unfortunate events that affected not just me but also my eldest princesses. honestly I was the one who can't deal with my frustrations.huhuMy eldest princess turned 5 yesterday. She has been so excited about her birthday since few weeks ago.

At first, we (my hubby and I) wanted to celebrate her birthday with the other Msian families here. The plan was to join WUMA (Waikato University Malaysian Association) trip to Raglan beach. It was supposed to be the first event under the new management. However, they postponed the plan during the last minute.jd berkecailah harapan nak bercanda ramai2 di pantai. huhu

As I didn't want to let her down on her special day, I baked a vanilla butter cake on Saturday afternoon and iced the cake at night. Thanks to my amateur skill in decorating cake, the M&M chocolate was melting on the sour cream icing! nampak comot sgt kek. huhu Fathini somehow was still pleased by my efforts and she still smiled when I took pictures of her with the cake.

Our next plan (more to my own plan bcs hubby just didn't really mind) was to celebrate her birthday by going to Minogue Park where we could ride a miniature train and then have a picnic. I've prepared some food for the picnic; some burgers, chips, kumara fritters and some fruits. When we arrived at the park, all we can see were the BMX route stadium and netball centre. After few turns, we finally saw the small road leading to the miniature train. The gate to the main entrance of miniature train was locked and we saw some cars. At first we thought they would open the gate soon. However, after 1/2 hour there and we talked to other families who were also waiting, they assume that it's CLOSED! sabar jelah sbb bila masa lain yg kami tak dpt pergi, diaorg buka My daughters somehow amused themselves when they just running around in the huge park and we managed to take some great photos of them there. Later, we found out that the place is run on the voluntarily basis, so if no one volunteers to operate the mini train, it wouldn't be opened. My hubby asked me where should we went next but as I couldn't decide, we had a small argument. Not to make things worse, my hubby decided to go back home. kepala saya dah serabut dan tak boleh fikir masa tu

This photo is taken from the internet. dah nak masuk tak boleh smlm, mana ada gambar.


 It was still early when we arrived home. At about 11.30 a.m. , I didn't want to dampen Fathini's spirit in celebrating her special day. Thus, I quickly gathered some simple decorations and get her not-so-lovely cake out. We had the simplest celebration ever and then we had a picnic at home. Again, Fathini looked happy. My assumption that she awas affected by all the unfortunate events on her birthday was absolutely WRONG.

Here are some photos of the simplest celebration:

In the evening, we let Tini and Fizah played in their inflatable pool. As usual, they had good time splashing, pretending to swim and screaming to each other. All in all, I guess it ended well.


e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

nasib baik maknya pandai baked.kalo me, mau celebrate ngan roti cicah milo jer.hehehe

comot ker? me tengok dah cantek dah.comot tu seni :)
nway, happy 5th bday to ur daughter :)

yatie chomeyl said...

despite the melting M&M's, I do think that the cake still look yummylicious. hapi 5th birthday dear tini...hadioh postponed la deh hik3x

temp. housewife said...

thanks eliss. kat sini tak pernah lg beli kek kat kedai sbb tak tahu kan diaorg letak apa.

temp. housewife said...

Cik Ti, nanti Tini tuntut hadioh tau.....

denaihati said...

Terima kasih sudi singgah di rumah baru denaihati. Doakan anak saya tabah untuk meneruskan perjuangan dalam dunia yg semakin tak menentu.

AlohaMolly said...

Hi thanks for dropping by my site!

And wish to get to know you better why you are tempo SAHM for 3 1/2 nice if i get to do so too...would love to be with my kids!

ummiluqman said...

happy birthday Fathini.. the cake looks so yummy..

Nadiah Sidek said...

alahai kesiannya. mmg frust kan kalau plan tak jd sbb tu nadiah tak suka benda2 last minute. tp hsbnd nadiah lak suka wat benda last minute. huhu..ssh gk tu kak. kalau jd cmtu ada je benda nk digaduhkn. sgt kebdk2an kan kami ni :p. tp ok la tu kak, ada bday cake. duk negara org mmg la kena buat kek sendiri. dpd tak reti lgsg buat kek jd pandai lak. hihi

happy bday tini dear! be a good girl ya! ;)