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Friday, January 1, 2010

My Ramblings for the New Year.

I just finished reading other bloggers entries about their Happy New Year wishes, their new year resolutions or projects and many more. I'm not sure on what should I say about my own resolutions. Before I forgot, I would also like to wish Happy New Year 2010. I do have some targets for this year but everything has to be put on hold until the end of April this year. Why April? Well, Insyaallah we (at least my daughters and I) will be going back to Malalysia for good. My hubby now is busy finishing his experiments in the lab as his target is to start writing his thesis by the ned of this month! (doakanlah ye spy kami dpt balik sama2 sbb kalau my hubby tak dpt siapkan juga dia kena tinggal kat sini sorang2. huhu).

My targets after we go back to Msia are:
  • enroll myself in a masters degree(probably in TESL again) in UPM by June.hubby janji nak sponsor
  • buy a comfortable house for our small family. (dah 6 thn kawin tapi tak beli2 rumah lg. huhu)
  • taking care of my younger siblings who are studying especially my two brothers at the tertiary level.
  • be nice and treat my step-mum nicely. (tak pernah jumpa in person lg my step-mum yg hanya tua sthn dr I) ini pun masuk dlm target ke. hmmmm
  • find a side income so I don't depend solely on my hubby. (ingat nak juga ada online biz tapi tak tahu nak jual apa?huhu)
  • that's it! I don't want to be so ambitous as I know my own limit.


Eyriqazz said...

Good Luck..

Great Teacher Onizuka

E-na Zarina said...

waaa dh nk balik bestnya! hope all your wishes come true...

UstazCahaya said...

Salam Kak Nuradyani.

Selamat Tahun Baru 2010. Semoga tahun baru 2010 lebih baik daripada tahun 2009;-)

Pak Man laksam said...

Semoga akan tercapai apa yang telah dirancang.

nuradyani a.k.a mama Tini & Fizah said...

thanks to all of your wishes. :D

Wan Anie said...

InsyaAllah.. jika ada kehendak pasti ada jalannya ;)