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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Can't help but wondering.....

Salam to all,
                  Today I can't help but wondering what's happening at my brother's wedding party. Yesterday my sis Yatie, managed to give me some updates of what happened during the solemnization of "'akad". Pein managed to do it once and Alhamdulillah every went smoothly after that. The wedding ceremony continued with a simple feast at my new sis-in-law's house after they came back from the mozque. (akad nikah dibuat di masjid). According to Yatie, there were quite a number od my extended family members who were there to witness the ceremony.

                 I hope everything would run smoothly as well at my step-mom's house today (14th Feb. 2010). Again the wedding party is going to be a simple one as my abah (father) doesn't like to waste and likes to make it as simple as possible. The important thing here is the bride and groom is officially declared as husband and wife. I'm sure they don't even have time to come to my blog to read the poem I wrote for them. One thing for sure, I know my sis-in-law sometimes loves to come and visit my blog. So, I reckon she would feel happy as the poem is also a present from me. (click here if you want to read the poem)

           OOOO....I better stop my ramblings now. I have other ideas to write but right now, my brain is been consumed with the fact that I'm not able to be there for my brother.


Nadiah Sidek said...

mesti sedih tak dpt ada sama kat majlis adik. satu2nya adik ipar nadiah pun nak kahwin bln 3 ni..tak dpt la abgnya (suami nadiah) ada sama :(

temp. housewife said...

sedih jugala Nadiah. nak buat mcmmna kita jauh kan. nak balik pun tak cukup duit tambang nak balik. huhu

UstazCahaya said...

Salam ziarah.

Kesian nya Kak Nur. Nak wat camana kan. If saya ada kapalterbang, bulih jugak saya pinjam kan akak, hehe;-) Maaf ya, bergurau pulak saya.

Kak, ada komen akak di blog saya, saya siarkan semula sebagai entry baru di blog saya. Boleh rujuk url di bawah ya:

satijampong a.k.a.mommyYen said...

sabar yer.memang sedih tak dpt attend family event.esp adik beradik sndri..apa apapun g la skype ngan diorang..terubat rasa rindu..heheh

temp. housewife said...

salam ustaz,
thanks for the entry.

temp. housewife said...

mmy yen,
thanks. I dah chat kat YM dgn adik2.

sirna said...

tahniah lo kak nur, dpt adik ipar baru, comey je nampoknye..nanti kak nur balik mesia insyaAllah jupo deme(eh, betul ke sy kecek kelate niey?)..