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Saturday, February 13, 2010

A poem dedicated to my lil. bro. and his wife-to-be.

Salam to all,
                Today (13th Feb. 2010), one of my little brothers is going to be a husband to a lovely girl whom I've met before. I can't believe how time flies! sebenarnya tak sedar yg diri dah tua. huhu They've been engaged for about a year (sebenarnya diaorg dah tunggu kami balik, tapi dah kami belum boleh balik. huhu). And this is the invitation card that has been designed by own brother, Pein (nama manja). -takpe ye kalau tak nampak sgt tulisan sbb bukan nak menjemput kat sini. Yelah saya sendiri tak dpt balik nak menghadiri pernikahan adik sy :( -

This is their sweet photos: (I took these photos from my bro's FB album)

Here's a poem dedicated to them:

On your big day, 
Only hope, pray and wishes,
we could offer,
Only photos and videos,
we would be able to watch,

As on your big day,
I have mixed emotions,
Delighted for both of you,
Glad to welcome a sis-in-law,
 Sorry for not being there to witness,
Sorrow when our late-mum again not there to witness too,
Despite all that,
You deserve to be happy,
You have the right to celebrate this,
You have to be thankful to Allah,

And remember,
this is a new life,
 where both of you,
are going to venture,
where there's ups and downs,
nothing's going to ruin your life,
as long as you stay strong,
love each other,
appreciate each other and OF COURSE,
pray to Allah,
and everything Insyaallah will be okay.

This is actually the second time, I miss my siblings' big day. Two years ago, my younger sis Yatie, got married 2 mnths after my mom passed away. I had the chance to help her to choose her wedding clothes and bought some of the guests' souvenirs. For my lil bro Pein, I managed to help a bit with his financial burden. That's all I could do. You might wonder, why am I making this a big deal. It's in fact a big deal for me since I feel responsible as their eldest sis especially we don't have our mum to take care about their weddings. mesti ada org2 lain pun pernah mengalami situasi ini juga kan? jd tak seharusnya sy meminta simpati kan Hopefully everything will go as planned. My sis Yatie, her hubby and baby are in Msia to celebrate this happy day. It's good that they are able to attend the wedding and help Pein. Yatie also wrote something in her blog. To read it, click here. But she wrote in Kelantanese dialect, so those who are not really familiar with the dialect might have some problems to understand it. :D

To Pein & Fiza: K. Nur, Abg Ariff, Fathini and Hafizah are going to pray for your happiness.


Syigim said...

kak nur, i understand.. syigim pun kawen after mak takde. tp alhmdulillah my tokcik & adik2 mak suma all out lah - sorang belikan bedsheet kawen, sorang buatkan hantaran, sorang beli carpet - mmg syukur ramai yg nk tolong.

i only have 2 younger sis left to get married. hopefully i wont miss their weddings! kak nur skype or webcam YM la ngan pengantin nanti masa akad! hihihi....

UstazCahaya said...

Salam ziarah.

Alhamdulillah. Tahniah kepada adik Kak Nuradyani dan tahniah kepada akak jugak, sebab dapat ahli keluarga baru.

Pengantin sama hemsem dan cantik. Sangat cocok sekali deh;-)

Saya mendoakan mereka kekal bahagia dunia akhirat serta mendapat zuriat keturunan yang soleh dan solehah, Amin Ya Rabb Al-Alamin.

temp. housewife said...

tak boleh nak sype sbb kat kg pengantin perempuan tak de internet line. takpelah nasib baik adik akk Yatie tu sanggup balik dr Jepun semata2 nak tolong adik.

temp. housewife said...

salam Ustaz,
Amin. Akk tumpang gembira dr jauh je. Balik nantila baru boleh melawat adik2.