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Monday, February 22, 2010

Friendly football match between "Waikato United" and "Auckland City"

Salam to all,
Saturday (20th Feb. 2010) @ 10 p.m.

Me: Yang, your name appeared on the list of their players. Are we going or not?
Hubby: Huh! Are you sure?Hmmmm let me call the others to find put first.

Few minutes later and after three phone calls, my hubby decided to follow the other Waikato Malaysians to North Shore, Auckland. The main agenda was to join in the friendly football match between Waikato team and Auckland team. (All are Malaysians who are studying and working in Waikato and Auckland).

Sunday (21st Feb. 2010) @ 6 a.m.

I prepared some food like tuna sandwiches and fried noodle. After preparing the food and the kids, we were ready to go at 7.20 a.m. We agreed to meet our friends at the field that they use every Saturday to play football. However, after a good 10 minutes of waiting, we saw the others were actually meeting at a carpark near a shopping centre; The Wharehouse. (sabar jelah. sbb bila kami tanya ada yg cakap tunggu kat pdg. nasib baik pdg dgn Wharehouse tu opposite je)

Our destination was Glamorgan School in North Shore, Auckland. After the chasing and following actions (dah buat konvoi dlm 6 buah kereta), we arrived at the school. But we were the last car to arrive as my hubby had to find a toilet first. So, we went to a petrol station while the others actually had a morning tea and breakfast at someone's house just opposite the school! Fathini made a witty comment when we arrived and saw the name of the school. She said, "Mama, is this a dragon school?" (refer to the first photo below) terpaksala mama Tini cakap yg tu logo sekolah je dan bukan ada naga kat sekolah tu. hihihi

@ 10.30 a.m.
They players started to warm up and the supporters (the wives and the kids) were finding the best seating positions. The supporters were also busy getting to know each other as the players were doing the same thing. Before they started the game, as usual there was a photo session.

And the game began after the photo sessions. At first both teams looked quite relax and just played as if they were warming up. But after the first goal was scored by our Waikato team, both teams started to take the game seriously. There were also several times when the game had to be stopped just because some people were injured (ada sorang yg berdarah kat hidung dan ada yg terpeliut) and some 
were exhausted and had to call in their reserved players. My hubby was one of the reserved players for Waikato team. He only waited for his turn about 20 minutes into the first half before he was called to join the team. The supporters? Well, there were some unpaid photographers at the location, some ignorance kids who were just there to play at the nearby palyground and mothers like me who didn't really concentrate on the game. I took some photos during the first half where the score was 1-1 . By the second half, I was busy catching up with other moms from Auckland. (sempat juga kenal akk yg nak akn pindah ke Waikato dan jumpa balik org2 Auck. yg pernah singgah rumah masa buat BBQ raya haji 2008).  mula ingat nak buat ulasan mcm pengulas sukan tapi tak jadi sbb tak tahu pun senarai nama pemain. hehe. org2 Waikato sy kenalla tapi pemain2 Auckland sy tak kenal

After the game ended, I was still clueless about the final score. hehe. (dah asyik berbual je). When I ask others, then I knew that Waikato United team won with 2-1. (okla tu sbb org2 Waikato selalu praktis ptg Sabtu. Org2 Auckland masa lawan baru kali kedua main dgn pemain yg cukup .)

We headed to the Long Bay beach afterwards for a nice picnic. BUT if you want to know more about the picnic, you have to wait until the next entry . (tomorrow!) saja kasi suspen sikit yea.. sebenarnya masa tulis entri ni pun dah ngantuk, tu yg kena sambung tu :P



Nadiah Sidek said...

nadiah tak minat la tgk football matches. nasib baik suami nadiah pun tak minat! hihi..

Eyriqazz said...

jealous2..dah lama tak main bolasepak padang..

temp. housewife said...

suami akk pun tak minat sgt tapi dah ada geng2 yg ajak dia join utk exercisela kiranya.

temp. housewife said...

kat msia banyak pdg. cuma kena ada cukup member je nak main. :D