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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Toy Story 3D & Nasi Lemak.

Salam to all,
                You might be wondering what's the relation between Toy Story 3D and Nasi Lemak right?
I was actually been busy since yesterday because we (my playgroup friends and I) had agreed to go out and watch a movie together. Since Toy Story 3D movies were the only suitable movies (there were Toy Story And Toy Story 2), we chose to watch them. walaupun kaum2 ibu dah menonton kartun2 tu, anak2 kami belum menontonnya. almaklum kartun2 tu kan dah agak lama. Why did we picked yesterday? It was my idea since it was my birthday and I wanted to spent more time with my dearest friends here. During the lunch hour today, I prepared Nasi Lemak for my playgroup friends. Last year,
cooked Nasi Kerabu and celebrated my birthday with my "twins" (one who's born in a different year and another one who's born on 24th but on the same year). mmg dah jd kelaziman pulak bila sambut harijadi, sy suka menjamu rakan2. mungkin itu cara sy mengucapkan syukur dipanjangkan usia
So, there you go some explanation about the relation between Toy Story 3D & Nasi Lemak.

23rd Feb. 2010
@10 a.m.

We chose to watch the movies at Sky City Cinema in Westfield Chartwell. The cinema was okay but for us the seats were really comfortable. It was the second time to watch a movie there for me and my kids but for my friends, it was their first time! We arrived at the nick of the time and we had few minutes to buy the tickets and get ourselves into the Cinema 5 before the movies started. At the entrance, we were given the 3D glasses. Our kids were so excited and when the first movie started, they really concentrated watching. While watching, we shared some prepared food that we brought in. iye kami boleh bawa masuk mknan dlm pawagam sbb kami bawa beg sandang. sy siap bawa cekodok dna kwn sy bawa sandwich yg dibuat di rumah. hehe They didn't really checked what's in our bags as my guess was they thought we brought diapers and some spare clothes! Which was partly true.

During the intermision, one of my friends E, went out to buy some popcorns for us. My friend, H&  her kids and my kids& I stayed inside waiting. While waiting, there were couple of trivia questions
appeared on the screen. Our kids started to explore the whole area because the other people had left too. As our seat were right at the back row, we were extremely confortable and even during the first movie "Toy Story", we could hear some comments from our kids. After 20 minutes of intermission, 
Toy Story 2 began. We noticed that some of the other people didn't came back to watch Toy Story 2. Half way through, we could hear that our kids had making noises. They felt hungry and tired. My friend H and kids had to left early. She went downstairs and waited for us at the foodcourt. My friend E & her son and my kids& I stayed until Tot Story 2 ended. 

Then, all of us rejoined at the food court and had our lunch there. There's one Halal shop there that sells fast food. I bought a huge plate of Fish and Chips set. My friend E also bought one and we shared the food. But I totally forgot to take pictures of our food. dua pinggan tu dikongsi beramai2 ye sbb bukan kedekut duit tapi kalau beli lebih mesti tak habis. satu pinggan diaorg besar giler. mcm 2 pinggan biasa kita kat Msia We (the moms) were not really hungry as we ate a lot before we went there. Our kids were the starving ones even though they ate some snacks while watching the movies. bukan sbrg "snack" ye sbb ada cekodok, teddy bear cookies, coklat dan sandwich. hehe After filling up tummies, we headed to the Dollar Store to buy some home supplies. By 3 p.m., we left the place. We almost got the warning for a long hour parking bcs we could only parked our cars not more than 4 hours there! OPPPS. sapa suruh wat movie back to back. 
24th Feb. 2010

Early in the morning, I prepared Nasi Lemak's component as I had invited some friends to come
over and had lunch. My friend E had agreed to make her famous Cheese cake and my friend Z would bring the ingredients for "Yee Sang". (yup the special food eaten during CNY). By 10.30 a.m., my
friend E arrived with her youngest son. We (my kids and I) were not ready as we didn't take a bath
yet. I asked her to make herself at home while my kids and I got ready. 1/2 hour later, my friend Z,
her mom-in-law and her daughter arrived. She prepared "Yee Sang" with the help of my friend E. 
We waited for the other guests to arrived and by 12 p.m., we could have our lunch. We had Nasi Lemak first as that was the main dish. yelah mana ada starters ye.hehe My hubby came back just in 
time and the last guest was H and family. We savour our lunch and chatted about so many things. 
The desserts were brought by my friend E and H; the Cheesecake and muffins. When everybody had
settled down, it was time to take out "Yee Sang". My friend Z kept the bowl of "Yee Sang" in the fridge as we planned to have it as our last dish. So, we gathered around the table to toss "Yee Sang"
and one of the hubbies said "Yam Seng!"(means let's have a drink esp. alcohol drink-like "cheers!").

I was so happy to share my special day with my good friends and I feel grateful to have them here.
I don't mind cooking and preparing food as they would bring a plate of something too!


sirna said...

kak nur masak nasi lemak kak sana guna instant coconut ke?nampak happening je celebrate birthday, siap ada yeesang lagi, saya pun tak pernah rasa sedap ke yeesang tu..

Nadiah Sidek said...

aktiviti mkn2 - aktiviti kemestian anak rantau..hihi

unlisted_one said...

Yee sang tu angkat tinggi2 tak? kena tinggi2 baru ada ong..hiee..

Wan Anie said...

wah.. best nyer nur.. nasi lemak tu

by the way.. happy birthday! yg ke berapa ek? Bila plak toy story 3d nak ada kat mesia... mesti best kan citer dia... :D

temp. housewife said...

aah Sirna masak pakai instant coconut yg dlm tin. Yee Sang tu kwn yg tolog buat. hubby dia cina. lps tu mak mertua dia pun ada dtg melawat. tu yg dia buatkan tu.

temp. housewife said...

betul Nadiah. aktiviti plaing mudah utk bersosial. hehe

temp. housewife said...

nak angkat tinggi2 pun, chopsticks ada 3 btg jer. hehe

temp. housewife said...

bday yg ke 32. hehe. Toy Story 3D tu sebenarnya Toy Story yg lama2 cuma dlm bentuk 3D. rasanya kat msia dah lama tunjuk. kat sini selalu paling lambat keluar movie baru2.