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Monday, February 8, 2010

@Waterworld Te Rapa

Salam to all,
                 Last week, I thought that the playcentre would be open but I was wrong. I only knew it would be open on 8 Feb. (today). It was my own fault for not checking this out from the other members. I even brought Fathini on Wednesday as I thought it would be open for the big kid session. Once we were there, NOBODY ELSE was there! haha. inilah akibat org yg berat mulut nak bertanya

                So, on Thursday I decided to bring my princesses to Waterworld Te Rapa which is only abt 10 minutes away from our house. It was the second time for us to visit the place because the first time we were there, we went with our playgroup families.

                We arrive there @ 10.20 a.m. but we were not the only early birds! The first car park was full and I had to park my car in the second car park in the opposite side of the road. With a bag pack,carrying Hafizah and holding Fathini's right hand, I felt like a wonder woman! perasanla sikit walaupun ibu2 lain pun dah biasa bua mcm ni kan. 

                Fathini and Hafizah chose to play in the kiddies pool like last time. There were few kids who had been in the pool before us. Two of them which were boys, kept splashing out some water and had been warned by their mother few times. They didn't spend too long there as when the outside pools and the water sprays were opened, they headed outside. lega lps tu sbb tak de yg simbah2 air kat kita We didn't expect that after few minutes later, a nice middle age lady came with her bubly and lovely granddaughters. I had a nice chat with the lady (but I forgot to ask her name! hmmm*sigh*). Her granddaughters Holly and Libby were so good and they quickly became good friends to Fathini and Hafizah. Holly who was one year younger than Fathini taught Fathini how to go under the water and hold a breath. But Fathini just watched her did the demo as she was not sure how to do it.

                After spending wbout 1/2 hour in the water, my princesses were hungry and they asked for some food. I brought "cekodok pisang" (S'porean called it "Banana Bomb"- made from mashed ripe bananas, flour, egg and little bit of sugar). They were actually starving that they finished eating the whole thing in the container! Once they finished eating, they got back into the water. I had to wait for another 1 hour before I could ask them to leave the pool. nasib baik ada makcik tu yg tengah2 dok bercakap tu dia siap mengait lagi. They were got out of the pool after their hands turned blue and they looked cold in spite of the heated water in the pool.


                  We went to the changing room get changed but then I had to asked my princesses to turn off the shower. They were enjoying themselves in the shower bcs back at home, we couldn't use the shower! Why? If we use the shower, the whole bathroom would be flooded! dah bilik air diaorg kan tak boleh basah lantai. kat lantai takde lubang utk air keluar. nak mandi kena dlm bathtub je.huhu

                  I let my princesses to play outside where there was a playground and we were also watching school kids using the giant slides and the outside pool. ada juga yg tengah dok berjemur pakai bikini je At almost 2 o'clock, we left and by the time we reached home, both of my princesses were exhausted.



Syigim said...

kak nur, brape bayar masuk waterworld ni? psl kat dubai pun ade 2 waterworld mcm ni tp 2-2 super expensive!! rm180+ per person i think to enter...

temp. housewife said...

I forgot to mention that. hehe. lps dah publish baru teringat tapi dah malas nak edit. murah sgt kat sini: children-$2.50 spectator(adult yg tak mandi)-$1.50. ada swimming classes pun. ni public pools sebenarnya.

anin said...

kak..ape die yg tak leh buat tu? sorry eh termasuk entri ni lak.ur pic sgtlah kewl n happening daku jeles nih

temp. housewife said...

tak boleh nak link banner ke blog Mr. Reid tu.

Nadiah Sidek said...

bestnya! sini takde pun benda2 gitu..kampung le katakan..ehe..

paij188 said...

splish, splash the kid's taking a bath. Bestnyer, yesss as mentioned by Syigim, mahal kat DUBAI ni! Ape yang x mahal? semua mahal! Pegi swimming pool kat area rumah ni jelah..:(