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Friday, February 19, 2010

Casual tone vs textbook tone.

Salam to all,
                I started my journey in this blogging world in May 2009. At first I was clueless of what to write and how. As I went along, I've learnt a lot from other bloggers, forums, MBP and tutorial blogs.
I couldn't help but notice the tone of writing in blog. The most popular tone is definitely the casual tone!
Frankly, I was struggling to write using the casual tone because:
  • I was an English teacher/tutor and I'm so used to the textbook tone.
  • I'm not really chatty in real life and only talk when I think I need to.
  • I lost in touch with the current slang esp. the teenagers slang. (eg. perkataan mcm "Poyo", "Sengal" dll)
  • I've been taught by my abah to avoid from code-mixing or code-switching as it's not a good practice and we tend to contaminate the languages we use.

          After reading other people's blogs, I understand why do people prefer to read entries in the casual tone. I've tried hard to fit in and change a little bit of my writing style but not to the extend of losing who I am. The casual tone is actually have a lot in common with how you talk to your friends. You tend to mix languages esp. BM and English and also use slang.

        Why do people like casual tone?
  • it has the friendlier approach.
  • it sounds like the author of the blog is talking to them.
  • it's amazingly entertaining and relaxing.
  • it can also be humorous if the author is really good in playing with words.
       Now, what say you?  I would be please to know what others think about this bcs studying language is my passion and I can't help but to observe this pattern in the blogging world. Who knows this can be my toppic for the dessertation at the end of the Master Degree that I'm planning to do once we go back to Malaysia. Hmmmm, not a bad idea right?


Wan Anie said...

Nur, betullah casual tome lagi digemari... rileks saja baca.. sampai tersengih2 buat kita terhibur.. yes!

like casual tone but with info :)

kakyong said...

cikgu BI rupernya...
as long apa yg u tulis boleh difahami maksudnya..
dan juga u rasa hepi dgn apa yg u tulis.. & ditulis dr hati.. ;)

SOHO Mama said...

If you've read some of my entries you would also notice that I use more of the "serious tones". Rasanya lah. Kdg2 je selit2 casual tones but not a lot. I was also taught not to mix here and there but sometimes I do.
Whatever it is, if you feel that it's not you, don't force it. Just be yourself :D

Nadiah Sidek said...

nadiah suka blog yg tulis santai2 (walaupun ayat nadiah kat kebanyakan entry agak skema :p)..tak kisah la in malay or english..yg bila baca tu macam penulis blog tu tgh bercakap dgn kita. ala2 mcm sophie kinsella (fav author nadiah yg terkini) punya style. blogger yg terlalu jaga tatabahasa ni smpai siap tulis 'maaf, tatabahasa tak brp betul' atau 'maaf, ayat campur BM BI' kat setiap penghujung entry, rasa mcm 'terganggu' sikit, mcm kita nak baca buku karangan masa sekolah pulak..hehe.

kak nur ye la, dah namanya pun english teacher, agak terbiasa la dgn textbook, tu yg terbawa2 ms tulis blog. it's ok la kak nur, lama2 nnt kak nur dpt la 'rentak' nak tulis blog. ms awal2 nadiah berblog dulu lg agak skema..nadiah sendiri rasa segan nak baca..ahaha..

temp. housewife said...

Anie, K.Yong, SOHO mama & Nadiah: thanks for the inputs. :D

Syigim said...

kaknur, entry yg menarik!

for me, depends on entry jgk kadang2. bila ade mood nk tulis review psl restaurant contohnye, ade je berangan mcm tulis for magazine, so tone pun ala2 kat magazine hihi. on d other hand, kalo tulis psl my kiddos plak, i prefer using language yg lepak sket...

i think, in whichevr 'tone' u choose, eventually your own 'character' & 'personality' will shine thru ur words :) so casual ke.. texbook tone ke.. ppl knows it's YOU!

temp. housewife said...

thanks Syigim. I reckon somehow I've got my own style that people can recognize. :D