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Friday, February 5, 2010

For your eyes only. (Part 2)

This is a continuation from yesterday's entry. I want to share more personal photos at various places around North Island, New Zealand.

@Kelly Tarlton's Antartic Encounter & Underwater World- April 2009


@ Auckland Museum- April 2009


 That's basically some photos at the places that we've been. I wrote some of the stories in my old friendster blog. Since I started using in May 2009, I've written some of my experiences in some places that we've visited. You can visit here, here and here to read my older posts abt interesting places in North Island, NZ.


Wan Anie said...

lama lagi kat sana nur? bila lah agaknyer kita nak sampai ke sana? ;)

temp. housewife said...

dah tak lama dah Anie. Hjg April nak balik MSia dah.

ila@cantekmama said...

Best tgk gambar yg kat Underwater World tu..Anak2 ila mmg excited kalau pergi tempat2 camni :)

cutiecaliph said...

seronoknye jalan-jalan kan;) suka tgk happy family spend time together!

temp. housewife said...

Dah pernah bawa anak2 ke Aquaria KLCC?

temp. housewife said...

bila berjln2la ada peluang spend time. kalau tak my hubby sibuk je.