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Friday, March 5, 2010

About Generation Gap: It's not fair to compare different era?

Salam to all,
Situation 1:

A father was telling about his childhood experiences to his children. "I used to walk from home to my school which was about 5 km away. I rarely got the chance to change my shoes and when I had a very good pair, I took a very good care. I could only had the chances to eat special meals during Eid and that means it happened only once a year. When I really wanted something, I had to put away my pocket money in a container and I saved my money until I achieved certain the amount that I wanted. So, why couldn't you be thankful with what I've provided to you and be more careful when you spend your pocket money?"

Situation 2:

An eldest sister in the family was telling her younger siblings about her experiences when she was younger. "I couldn't own a mobile phone even when I really need one during my final year in the university. I always had to think about you guys when I wanted to ask extra pocket money from our  parents. Even when I wanted to get married, I saved my own money so I use it to pay most of my wedding expenses. So, don't tell me that you guys can't do the same thing when you are actually lucky than me. I'm not asking you guys to sacrifice like me but just be more considerate to our parents and be more responsible."

Right! Are those two situations sounds familiar? Have you ever heard your parents telling you about
their life hardships when they were younger? Have you ever heard from your eldest sister/ brother
nagging you? If yes, then that's what I mean by the generation gap here.

Each generation faces different kinds of challenges. If you grown up in the 70's, you might be influenced by the Hippies and Punk culture. In 80's, the rock culture that actually started in the late
70's had a huge impact. I can keep going on babbling about this but my point is it fair to compare
different era? Technologies also has powerful impact and definitely redefine our lifestyles in different

That's why I reckon it's not really fair to compare different era. I used to think that my parents
were so unfair when they gave my younger siblings to own their own mobile phones when they were
still at the school age. But when I think back, I know it's not fair bcs when  mobile
phones during their time, were so cheap compared to my time. (about 10 years ago when I really wanted to have my own mobile phone). It's not fair when parents compared their time and tell their
children about the life hardship when they try to provide almost everything to their children as they
don't want their children to experience the same thing.

All right, now I want to know what do you think about this? It would be good to hear from other
people experiences and of course learn from there.


yatie chomeyl said...

xkiro ..nok dekki jugop, awin dpt henphone baru...canggih gitu mo muahahhahha

Nadiah Sidek said...

pendpt nadiah la, kan..generasi lama bknnya nak compare life diorg dgn life org zmn skrg ni, cuma sekdr nak sedarkan/ingatkan kita je supaya pandai berjimat, tak boros & tahu jaga/hargai brg2 kita baik2 sbb nak dpt duit bknnya senang. nak hbskan, sekelip mata je blh

temp. housewife said...

Ti, knur pun lgla dengki dulu2. tapi loni tok caro doh.

temp. housewife said...

betul tu Nadiah. cuma yg tak betulnya ada yg nak ajar anak hidup susah tapi diaorg kalau boleh semua benda nak bg kat anak2.

sirna said...

saya pun rasa generasi terdahulu suka bagitahu perkara begini coz diaorang nak kita tahu yang bukan senang mereka nak senang macam zaman kita sekarang, hujung jari semua dapat...nak sedarkan generasi sekarang tentang kepentingan bersyukur atas kesenangan sekrg