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Monday, March 1, 2010

I LOVE MY HUBBY!- a happy mode entry.

Salam to all,
                  Please don't hate or critisize me ataupun rasa nak muntah baca. hehe for the title that I've chose for this entry. I wanted to write something else but I reckon I have to do some justice to what my hubby did or rather bought for me.

               Yesterday, we went to Westfield Chartwell (yup again due to the fact that it's our favourite shopping mall here) because my hubby made me a promise to buy a delayed birthday present. Like two years in a row, I wanted to have something that comes in a small package. ( I reckon most women would know what I mean. right?) The first destination in the mall was definitely our favourite (or rather my favourite) jewellery shop. (Should I reveal which shop? ermm maybe not but it's the cheapest jewellery shop there). My target was to find a gold pendant for my existing necklace. I asked my hubby how much was his limit before I could decide. tak nak beli yg mahal2 sgt sbb my hubby dah sudi nak beli pun dah syukur When I had spotted the one that I liked, the salesgirl came and took out a selection of pendants. I didn't take too long to decide and before I knew it, the pendant was mine. The salesgirl was so sweet bcs she offered if I would like it to be wrapped. Of course I said YES! (sorry no photos there as the jewellery shop policy doesn't allowed it)

          We then went upstairs because I wanted to have a look if there's any good offers in FARMERS. I was thinking of buying some t-shirts for my brothers. However, there's no special offers and I thought I better find them somewhere else. My hubby then told me he wanted to find
clipped sun glasses. So, he went to two optometrists alone while my daughters and I were having fun
in the kids playing area. Once my hubby got his desired sun glasses, we headed to the food court.

My hubby wanted to try the new halal fast food place in the food court. sebenarnya kat rumah 
sblm keluar, sy dah goreng mee sikit sbb ingatkan takut tak nak mkn kat luar When he felt satisfied
and confident to eat there (since there's a FIANZ halal certificate) FIANZ tu mcm JAKIM kat Msia,
yg mana diaorg bertanggungjawab atas hal-ehwal org2 Islam di NZ dan baru2 je diaorg mula keluarkan sijil2 halal utk tempat2 mkn He ordered chicken salad, chicken wrap and fries for our kids.
tiga pinggan je. bukan hubby kedekut tapi satu pinggan diaorg tu besar gabak ye. kalau nak mkn sorang sepinggan mmg tak habis ler. We shared the food since we had huge breakfast at home 
(there's fried noodle that I prepared in the morning). My princesses asked if they could play on 
a carousel while waiting for the food. I gave them the permission and put some coins (NZD $2 per ride) in the slot. After only one ride, the food was ready and we went back to our table. I don't think 
I have to bore you with the eating activity right? So, let's skip and fast forward. 

Before we left, we bought something for the new family who was just arrived on Friday. We planned
to go to the motel (where they temporarily stay) and meet them. 

P/S: sorry no photo of the real pendant as I'm afraid that some people might say I'm trying to be cocky here. dan juga atas2 dasar2 keselamatan. hehe. mcmlah pendant tu harga beribu2. pendant tu tak mahal sgt pun tapi sy cuma terharu sbb suami sanggup dan rela nak beli apa yg saya nak tiap2 thn.


Izan@mamaAdam said...

bestnya dapat hadiah .. harga hadiah tak senilai kasih sayang yang suami berikan..

Daddy Zuki said...

it's great to have a romantic hubby like yours. finally he delivered his promise n you can sleep soundly. hehehheeh

Wan Anie said...

bestkan bila hubby sanggup beri apa yg kita minta.. kadang terasa tak sampai hati pulak nak mintak lebih2 takut beban pulak...

saya tumpang gembira... :D

temp. housewife said...

betul tu K.Ija dan Cikgu Juk :D
Anie: sy pun minta yg dia mampu. tak nak juga bebankan suami :D

yatie chomeyl said... xpolah, solah bg hadioh byr t study pun kiro hadioh jugop hehe

temp. housewife said...

nanti SOlah kijo nanti mitokla. knur pun mitok hok Abe Ariff mampu jah. tapi doh kulit knur, kulit mahal keno pakai emas jah. hehe

zai said...

bestnye kan dapat present camtu...semoga perkahwinan kekal bahagia selamanya..

Nadiah Sidek said...

best dpt hadiah. suami nadiah jenis tak lokek dgn family tp nadiah je yg selalu tak sampai hati nak mintak itu ini (mmg tak reti mintak2 pun)..lagipun dia study lg :)

psstt..pendant kak nur bentuk apa? (hihi..sibuk je nak tau)

ena said...

best bestt
saper tak sayang hubby kak...

saya mintak umah sebijik lagi... tapi tak dapat2 juga huhuhu..

itu permintaan di luar kemampuan beliau nampaknya hahahaha

temp. housewife said...

thanks K.Zai.
Nadiah: pendant bentuk "heart".
Ena: insyaallah adala rezeki nanti.