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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Last Day to Fathini and Hafizah.

Salam to all,

These are the photos of the cake that I promised yesterday.


What do you think? Well, please ignore the sloppy job that I did. hehe. This morning (Wednesday, 31 March 2010), we brought this cake to Peachgrove playcentre. As this morning was Fathini, Hafizah, Ella (Tini's BFF) and Reuben last day (for the full session), each mommy had to bring a plate of food to be shared for the morning tea.

The first thing that Fathini and Hafizah did was spelling their names by choosing the magnetics letters and put them up on the white board. Fathini who was so quick in doing that (since she already knew how to write her own name since she was 4), helped Hafizah. However Hafizah didn't really want her sister to help. She was happy choosing some letters that she already knew like "H", "I", "O" and "M". Yup she recognize some letters and it's so randomly picked. They somehow moved on to the playground area where they were happily joined the other kids at the swings and the obstacle course. They actually spent a good half an hour at the playground.

By 10.30, most of the kids were called inside to help preparing the special tea food. Some were asked to help making some sushi and the others helped to cut some fruits. We had heaps of food at the Kai table today. Fathini, Ella, Reuben and Hafizah were seated side by side so we could sang "Happy Last Day" song. (based on Happy Birthday song). We had to sing the song four times to let each of leaving kids to blow the candles. Hafizah was the only kid( who are leaving the pc) that refused the blow the candles and she even tried to hide her face. After the singing, the kids and the adults enjoyed the kai (food) like sushi, chocolate cake, corn sandwiches and fruits. The kids really enjoyed the egg-free chocolate cake. So, without egg, a chocolate cake still became a great cake. Most of the kids didn't stay so long inside before they moved on to play outside again.


Fathini and Hafizah resumed to play at the playground. Dug (the only dad who joined as a member), helped them when they wanted to cross the planks. Fathini and Hafizah had gained so much confidence now especially when they wanted to cross the planks on their own. Fathini also copied Isla who was climbing on a tree and pretended to be a monkey. They were both on that tree for couple of minutes. Few minutes later, we had to join the others in the Fire and Earthquake drills. The kids already knew what to do in both situations. For the Fire Drill, we would go outside of the area and stay at the designated meeting point for the roll call. For the Earthquake drill, they asked the kids to go to the fort (in the playground area) and practiced the "turtle sitting" position.

Just before the clean-up time (by 11.30 a.m.), the four kids; Fathini, Ella, Reuben and Hafizah were asked to sit on the designated chairs. It was the certificate ceremony. I felt a big lump in my heart and I did shed some tears during the ceremony. Why? Well, we've become the playcentre members since May 2008 and we feel so attached to the place and of course to other wonderful members. Each of the kids received a certificate, a playcentre pencil case with a playcentre plastic cup and a farewell card. We stayed there to help with the clean-up time and I also helped Ella's mommy (Leah) to do some jobs as she seemed to need extra helps anyway. Fathini and Hafizah were happy to stay longer too as they could play with Ella and also Ryan.


Sitisifir10 said...

berbaloi bila semua dpt makan....kelihatannya sungguh menyelerakan sekali

Mila_ibu najihah said... mmg tak suka goodbye..

temp. housewife said...

mmg berbaloi Pijah.

Mila, akk pun tak suka. sebak rasa pg tadi.

yatie chomeyl said...

sedihnyo..mesti hari nok tinggalkn NZ for good nanti pung sedih jugop huhu

temp. housewife said...

mesti doh keno tadoh baldi nanti kot. huaw................

sirna said...

fathini mesti paling sedih kan sebab dia dah besar dan pandai get along with people...sweet sangat tgk gambar2 tu=)

Nadiah Sidek said...

nnt mesti fathini dgn fizah rindu kwn2 dia kat playcentre tu..

ila@cantekmama said...

Bestnyer tgk kek coklat..Tetiba teringat Secret Receipe -Chocolate Indulgence-..Kek akak ni wat sy laparla..hehe

temp. housewife said...

Fadilah, mmg Tini sedih tapi kami nak selalu keep in touch dgn kwn2 dia kat sini esp. BFF dia tu.

Nadiah, Tini yg akan ingat sgt2. Hafizah dlm umur yg tak pandai sgt lg main dgn kwn2.

Ila, cubala buat sbb senang sgt2.

ena said...

woooo sedapnya!!
part sloppy tuh buatku meleleh air liur..
nak buat tak reti huhuhu (+malas) ekekeke