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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award- a tag from my dearest sis.

Salam to all,

Since I've chosen a serious issue yesterday, I reckon I better choose a lighter subject today. So, I've decided to do this tag from my dearest sis, Yatie Chomeyl. In order to accept the award, there are 3 rules to be adhered:

  1. Thank and link the person that gave you the award.
         Thank you, terima kasih, arigato, tow chey, kap kun kap, messi, syukriya, gracias and kia ora to Cik Ti yg chomeyl lote. tubik habih bahaso bilo nok tulih terima kasih. hehe

    2. Pass this award to 15 other bloggers you've recently discovered and think are fantastic:

        Okay, I want to pass this award to-
        Wan Anie, Molly, Ummi Luqman (a.k.a Cik Ma), Mommy Yen (Sati), K.Sari, Sirna, Umi Harizahin, Mama Adam (K.Ijan), Ena, Diyana, ZieFauzi, Mamibizi, Mila_Ibu Najihah, Ibu Ayu and Elissmie.

    3. Contact them and tell them that they've won the award.

Okay. That's my next homework. 

   4. State 7 things about yourself:

What should I tell? Ti, you know all my secrects! huhu. Should I share other things, let's see.
  • Can lose my temper easily but I've tried to control it as I'm aging. tua sgt ke
  • Love to do baking and cooking now. kalau tak masak susah nak mkn kat sini
  • Afraid of mice, rats and any animals that has furs. (a kind of phobia!)
  • Quite adventureous in tasting various types of food.
  • Used to be a serious motor bike rider as it was my main transport when I was studying in the university. bukan minah rempit ye.
  • Love to learn martial arts. That's why I joined taekwondo (from 1995-2001) and learn a bit of silat when I participated once in SUKEM (UKM's internal sports tournament). sampai putus ligamen2 kat lutut kiri dan sakit2 bila masa sejuk sgt2 sampai skrg.
  • Might be understood as being "snobbish" or "arrogant". But the fact is I can be shy when it comes to strangers and I like to take my own sweet time to get use to new friends. Once you've become my friends, I wouldn't forget you easily. 
 All right, that's all. Now I have to inform those who've been tagged here.


AlohaMolly said...

Thanks kak Nura for the award! :) Am much honoured.

Hope we able to meet up someday!


unlisted_one said...

wah,,dapat award dah dia..hehe.

Wan Anie said...

dah amik award... boleh tengok kat blog :D

ummiluqman said...

thanks ya..

sirna said...

thanks for the award kak nur, nanti sempat saya buat entri k.

temp. housewife said...

Molly, I would love to meet u too someday.

Nia, adik yg bg award.

Anie, dah tengok dah.

Cik Ma, sama2.

Fadilah, cari masa free buat. no rushing.