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Saturday, March 6, 2010

In dilemma+problems = solutions?

Salam to all,
I'm in huge dilemmas now as my hubby told me that I have to find a part time job first
once we go back to Malaysia at the end of next month. And he also told me that we might have to stay with my PIL in Kelana Jaya till he finished writing up his phd thesis.
My dilemmas are:
  • Should I go back to work in the previous work place? 
         -it's quite far,  has some cocky students, low payment compared to the job requirements and
          a fussy immediate boss.
  • Should we stay in my PIL's place again?
        -It's not that I have any problem but we've lived in that house for 1 1/2 years before we came
         to NZ. I long to live in our own house even if we need to rent a place first. Plus I need some
  • Will I be okay if my hubby had to come to NZ again few times to settle up his phd?
       -I used to be left alone with Fathini in Nibong Tebal. I reckon I can survive but after 4 years
        of living together under one roof, my hubby has some doubts.

  • Should I find other part time job?
        -what kind of part time that I can do in 6 months?

Those who read this entry, I would be glad to hear your suggestions if you care to share.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Every opinion will be highly appreciated.


Wan Anie said...


U are good in english, like what u have done to UstazCahaya, be a translator, part time basis and thru online... or tuition etc, skill dah ada cuma kena cari peluang jer..

Tang duk skali ngan PIL saya tak pasti masalah apa sebenarnya yg Nur hadapi. Jika utk 6 months I think ok sbb cost tuk rumah sewa pun agak mahal deposit etc... tapi kalu memang plan nak duk area kl better sewa rumah lar...

InsyaAllah.. semua akan dipermudahkan

Diyana Zulkifli said...

sewa luar ,kak.[walaupun for 6 bln..uhuhu) saye yg mak sndiri ajak tinggal skali pun, saya tolak dgn baik...sendiri lebih baik..;).

*skrg tgh berpantang pun,actually meruntun2 jiwa nak balik rumah sndiri..huhu. tringat pokok bunga yg konfem mati suma skrg ni..uwaaa

yg bab keje tu, saye pun stuju dgn wan anie. byk tu temp job mcm tu ,kene carik je.

temp. housewife said...

thanks for the idea. mmg ada merancang nak jd translator. (utk side income)
Insyaallah sy nak cari2 peluang kat dgn ads kat Msian newspaper.

temp. housewife said...

Oh ye mengenai duduk dgn mak mertua, tak de masalah sgt cuma yelah duduk rumah org rasa tak selesa dan mcm takde privacy. tu je.

Anonymous said...

tough...but being a supermom & a good wife, some wise decision should be made kan?

part-time job- i think u should find job yg ok & dekat2 dgn ur place/PIL. kena pikir cost nak travel to work & time ur gonna spend at work. takut2 nnt gaji habis utk expenses nak gi kerja saje.

place to stay- ur hubby might think living with ur PIL buat sementara ni senang skit kot..dia kan tgh sibuk nak siapkan phd, so maybe tak nak serabut2 pikir pasal cari rumah? nnt bila dah setel semua, br la cari ur own place.

kena tinggal? these are the little things kita kena face so that suami kita berjaya. yg penting tu tunjuk support kita kat dia. maybe ni also 1 of the reason ur hubby rasa elok dok dgn PIL temporarily coz dia worry about safety u & anak while he is away.

Nadiah Sidek said...

akk nk terus menetap di KL ke cmne? kalau nk menetap kat KL, rasanya better cari rmh sewa siap2. kalau tak..ikut je la cdgn suami akk tu. bincang elok2la dgn suami akk..cuba bg pendpt akk kat dia..

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ummiluqman said...

hai nur, ooo nanti stay kat kelana jaya ye.. better jugak tu sementara nak cari ghumah, sbb sewa pun boleh tahan skrg ni kan. nur terrer english misti bole dpt keje around area2 situ, try minta part tie kat kolej2 ke.. all the best. bila balik ni

temp. housewife said...

doa2kan ye C'Ma spy ada jln keluar yg mudah.

yatie chomeyl said...

u'll be ok even if abe arif tinggal the 3 of u semetar di Msia. u used to be strong maso keno tinggal dgn tini jah dulu and i'm sure u'll always b strong :)