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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Snap2, uploading and then e-mailing.

Salam to all,

I'm sure most of you are still enjoying your weekend and school holidays (in Malaysia). As for us here, this weekend, we are not able to go out anywhere. WHY? My hubby is busy doing his hopefully the last experiments in the lab.

The most important task for me today (21 March 2010), is to snap photos of our furnitures, electrical appliances and some of the nic nacs that can be sold before we left Hamilton for good. Our plan is to do a catalogue and then e-mail it to WUMA (Waikato University Malaysian Association) so that our Malaysian friends here, can look at the stuffs they might be interested to purchase. We already asked around and some of our friends had agreed to buy some stuffs. Well, it's a kind of booking the stuffs before we put them up for a garage sale.

I'm having a mixed feelings right now about leaving New Zealand. I'm happy to go back but at the same time, it's kind of sad to leave some good friends that I've made here. Fathini who is old enough to understand, is also sad to leave her good friends in playcentre. Will we be able to come back? Well, there's a possibility but even if we come back. it's only for a short period of time and the purpose might be to come for a holiday.

All right that's all that I can tell for now as I'm off to snap some more photos.

Ka Ki Te Ano. lama tak guna ni. hehe


eyriqazz said...

tempat jauh lagi dikenang..inikan pula tempat bermain..hik3

paij188 said...

good luck with the selling.

sirna said...

hujan batu dinegeri sendiri...lebih baik negeri sendiri..selamat bersiap untuk pulang kak nur=)

Nadiah Sidek said...

dah brp thn duk di tmpt org, mesti akan rasa sedih nak tinggalkan. rasanya semua perantau akan ada perasaan tu bila nak balik terus :)

mommyYen said...

ye ye,..udah nak balik msia..happy selling kak nura..

ummiluqman said...

semua let go ke.. ade yg shipping bw balik?

temp. housewife said...

Eyriqazz: betul tu.

Fairus: hopefully we can sell almost everything we have here. Malas nak bawak balik.

Fadilah a.k.a sirna: kalau balik nanti, mana tahu kot2 kit aboleh jumpa ke?

temp. housewife said...

Sati: nasib baik ramai berminat dah nak beli brg2 rumah ni.

Nadiah: Knur dah 3 thn 1 bln kat HAmilton, NZ ni.

Cik Ma: takde shipping pun sbb malas nak bawak balik brg2. kami bawk balik brg2 personal je. kat msia kami belum ada rumah.