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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mr. Mood, please come to me!

Salam to all,
                 I'm not really in a mood to write anything. But I reckon I should just tell why. My brain is
so consumed with the fact that we are going back to Malaysia for good after 3 years. We are currently
busy making the list of our things to be sold or to let go of certain things. I'm busy thinking and doing the research in how to set up a blog offering translation  & proof reading services. Plus I'm still considering about whether I should take up a part time job or not once we go back to Malaysia. That's why Mr. Mood is not the house now. He's hiding from me since I have to consider about 1001 things now. huhu


mommyYen said...

kak nura,bila nak kembali k m'sia?..mesti rindu sgt dgn family kan..saya pun pernah merasa duduk jauh family..walaupun tak lama.

temp. housewife said...

hjg April nak balik. mmg rindu sgt2 dgn family. yelah dah 2 thn jumpa. sejak duduk sini baru sekali balik (Jun 2008) lps seminggu mak akk meninggal.