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Monday, May 16, 2011

Received a nice text message from the ex-boss.


Right now, it was already late but I still can't sleep because I have to mark my students mid-term writing papers. I'm half-way through and I guess taking a break is not a bad idea since I don't want my judgment to be clouded with my fatigue.

I just want to share one interesting text message from my ex-boss wishing me "Happy Teacher's Day". She was a perfectionist boss but I still appreciate her as she taught me a lot of things in teaching. Here is her message that had made my day. :

A teacher takes a hand..................
Opens a mind..............................
And touched a heart.
You are one such teacher for the students and me. Thanks for being there! Happy Teacher's Day!

I wish I can express the same gratitude to all my ex-teachers and lecturers. Without them, I won't be who I am now. They've touched my heart and showed me how to succeed. Thank you is just not enough. May Allah bless them and their family. Happy Teacher's Day to all of the other teachers out there too. 


kakyong said...

rasa begitu berharga bila dihargai kan...

Selamat hari guru Nur

klik HB 1 ;)

n3 terbaru kakyong
Jom layan Nur Kasih the movie
JOm minum petang
Selamat hari Guru

Wan Anie said...

Rasanya belum terlambat nak wish selamat hari guru pada Nur dan rakan seangkatan, kita semua adalah guru terbaik utk anak2 :D

terima kasih singgah di booth haritu, sorry x sempat nak sembang mesra

yatie chomeyl said...

hepi teacher's day to u :)

mommyYen said...

happy Teachers day to u kak..
moga sentiasa di berkati..

Affieza said...

Happy Teacher's Day K.Nur...

Lizan said...

selamat hari guru, teacher..!

transformed housewife said...

thanks everybody.