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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bowling & BATA.


This entry was supposed to be published on Friday the 13th (sounds scary? hehe). Due to the technical problems in blogspot and yesterday I was so lazy to upload the photos, I can only share the update today.

On Friday afternoon, ELS centers around KL & Selangor had a friendly Bowling Match in Cosmo Bowling Arena in Mid Valley. The match was organized as part of students activity. Teachers are encouraged to go and support the students. There were only a handful of teachers from KLCC center that went to the venue to support the students who were competing in the match. I was one of the teachers since my students had asked me to go and support them.

The match started at 3.00 p.m. and about 3/4 of the place was conquered by ELS. They started off with a round of trials before the actual match began. I was chatting with some other teachers when they warmed up. Only after the first game began, I went to check on the teams that represented KLCC center. There were only 3 teams. One of the teams comprised of my previous student and three current students. The team was a good combination of three countries; Iran, Saudi and Malaysia. In the first game, they didn't score really high marks and none got strike. Only during the second game, some of them scored strike few times. I was really a cheerleader as I was just clapped and gave them some motivation. I guess my present was enough for them. I didn't even stayed until the end because by 4.30, I left the venue. I told my students that I had to pick up my daughters before 6 and getting a Komuter from Mid Valley would take some time. So, we snapped a photo before I left. 

Some of the photos taken during the bowling match.

Before I left Mid Valley, I quickly went to BATA Sales which was just next door. I was told by my colleagues about the sale. That's why I went to check out. I didn't really have time to choose shoes or sandals. At the end, I just grab a pair of sandals that only cost about  RM10. (I forgot to take a picture of my new sandals). I saw a lot of parents came with their kids to buy school shoes and also other kinds of shoes. I didn't want to buy any for my daughters. My kids feet grow too fast that we need to buy new pairs of shoes after few months. This announcement about BATA Sales might be too late for those who read this BUT if you can go there before 10 p.m. tonight, who knows you might still grab some nice pairs of shoes. *wink *wink.


Idayu said...

happy teachers day nur!

yatie chomeyl said...

comey dop sandal baru?