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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Littlle interruptions for blogspot service.


I'm sure most blogspot users had experienced the interruptions since yesterday. Even this morning, I was still unable to log in this blog. I want to share what happened yesterday but maybe I have to put off that entry first since I need to upload some photos. Due to the interruptions, I lost one day to type up some entry to enter more giveaways and contests. I guess tomorrow is the best day to make up for it. What about you guys? Did you notice about the interruptions?


Syigim said...

1) i couldn't log in
2) my post for that day was lost in cyberspace
3) when blogspot was back on, the 'lost post' is back, but all the comments gone.

takut kalau jadi lagi, lagi byk post hilang & xrecover terus! ack!

transformed housewife said...

it was a bad interruptions right? sometimes I'm thinking to convert to .com but then we have to pay.

Lizan said...

.com tu stabil sikit kan .. tapi k.ijan belum terpikir lagi nak tukar..