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Wednesday, May 11, 2011



I want to just do the Wordless Wednesday BUT I can't resist myself from sharing of what happened this morning at work. It was sort of terrible day at work but at the same time it was also a bless in disguise for me. Why? What happened? Okay.........................sit back and please enjoy the short story that I want to share.

Blacked Out!

This morning, I went to my workplace as usual at the normal time. There were so many people on LRT like the other day. I arrived in my workplace by 8 a.m. I didn't realize what had happened upstairs until I noticed that it was quite dark at the staircases. I kept climbing on the stairs until I reached the faculty room on the second floor. When I went inside the faculty room, the other teachers were sitting and chatting in the dark. I asked them what was happening and they said there was a power failure since 7 a.m. for the entire building. At that moment, we could hear and see some TNB technicians were doing their best to restore back the electricity.

So, I joined my colleagues to chat and enjoy our breakfast since we couldn't teach or use any of the classrooms. Our boss, Erik said we had to wait until 9.30 before he could call it a day. While waiting for the power to come back, we did a lot of things like singing, dancing, chatting about some issues and even eating a huge breakfast in the dark. Most of us sat near the windows to get some glimpse of lights from outside. By 9.00, we became restless and felt so hot. We were sweating profusely when the electricity didn't come back by 9.30.

Our boss, Erik then came with the good news and also the bad news. The good news was the classes had to be canceled. The bad news was we must replace the classes on Saturday (21st May). Some of us went to meet our students to explain the situation and promised them to make up an extra class if they need one.

Next, I called my hubby to tell him what had happened.  He asked me to go to UPM since we had to settle some agreements with a lawyer from the bank regarding our housing loan. I took the LRT and then switched to Komuter and taxi to reach UPM. At 11.30, I arrived in UPM and stayed in my hubby's room until the lawyer came with so many copies of Property Purchase Agreement that we had to sign. That's why I said the blacked-out was a bless in disguise for me. If it was not because of the blacked-out, I wouldn't be able to go and settle our unfinished business.

Has any of you experienced something bad but it turned out to be a bless in disguise?

P/S: No photos were taken as it was really a pitch black "black-out". hehe


mommyYen said...

huhu kak..
senang hati dah sain SPA tu kan,tempat nak sain punya la banyak.what a blessing blackout day.. :)

CikTomyam said...

heheh kelam abeh bila black-out kan,.huhu

yatie chomeyl said...

dh sign rumoh..yeay yeayy yeay..

SyidaGorjes said...

nanti kita buat entry.
and it happened this morning.

Lizan said...

dulu masa keja bila tetiba black out suka kan mainn lagi...tapi since bangunan tu terel sgt ada generator,dan mr mantainance pun cekap buat keja jadi keriangan hanya sementara..ngeh ngeh

transformed housewife said...

yup. true.