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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just won something nice from ParentThots for my e-mail about "How to encourage our children to read".


I published this entry post in the beginning of April. Today, I got a message in the shout out box from Munira who told me that I won the prize. Now, let me take you back to the previous post and then I'm also going to share the e-mail that I sent to Parent Thots.

Want to Win Disney School Skills workbooks?


I came across this interesting announcement in FB on ParentThots page. It's a good opportunity to parents with young kids to try their luck. What you have to do is just send and e-mail to What should you write in your e-mail? Well, they just want to know how do we teach our young kids how to read.
The best (most creative, inspiring, unique) email per month wins 1 set of Disney School Skills workbooks, thanks to Scholastic.

This promotion goes on from April 1 (no, this isn't an April Fool's joke) right up till Sept 30 as we have 6 sets of workbooks to give away.

Each set of workbooks is valued at RM159.20.

For more info, please click

P/S: I've just sent my e-mail to them. What about you? What are you waiting for? 

Click HERE if you want to see the announcement. But now I want to share what I wrote in my e-mail.

Make it conducive for kids to read

My husband and I both love reading. That's why encouraging our children is not a huge task for us at all since we both want to be the best role models to our children aged six and four. Basically, we have done everything we could to make sure that our children will see the habit of reading as something enjoyable.

So here are some of the methods that we've tried so far:

1- Bring our children to the nearest library every week.
We used to live in Hamilton, New Zealand, for 3 1/2 years. There are some local libraries available there for everybody. So, every week without fail, we would bring our children to Hillcrest Library to borrow some books, CDs and puzzles. They really love to spend their time there. Right now, we make sure that we will buy some books every month so we can have our own mini library soon!

2- Spend about 30 minutes per day to teach them phonemes.
The best way to teach is to make sure that it's going to be an interesting approach like using as a tool or any kind of teaching tools. I used flashcards with my eldest daughter but with my second daughter, I have to let her choose what she likes to do as she has a shorter attention span compared to her sister.

3- Play “I spy with my little eyes" whenever we go out.
It's a must for us to play this game because it can also help me to redirect their attention while waiting in the car before we reach our destination. As both of them have recognised letters and even phonemes, I always ask them to spot some words or letters around them.

4- Prepare a nice corner or even a conducive room for our kids to learn.
Kids love to see something colourful and exciting. So, we have dedicated a special corner with a special bookcase, table and chairs for them to sit and read their favaourite books. They can use the place any time they like and they have regarded it as their special place to have fun!

5- Story time every night.
This is a must even when we are so tired and busy. At least we will spend about 10 minutes to tell a simple story or choose a page from their favourite story book. Sometimes we even create our own story when we want our imagination to run wild!

6- Make a book as MUST for their birthday present.
Every time other people ask what to buy for our kids' birthdays, we prefer that they buy more books rather than toys. Our kids love them too and they never get tired or bored with books compared to toys. They will only get excited about new toys for few weeks and then they will completely forget about the toys.

Well, those are among the things we have practised and done to instil the love in reading. Now, our job is easier as our kids never feel the pressure for them to learn how to read.

Alhamdulillah for this and it's actually a first time for me winning a contest that requires a creative input. My daughters are going to like the presents so much as they always love to have new workbooks.


Nadiah Sidek said...

tahniah kak nur! :)

mila.ibunajihah said...

good job kak nur.. tahniah!

KambingBujang said...

congrate K.nur. Huda dah suh En somi submit..dier ckp lmbt lagi due date..nanti kena suh dier wat cpt2... bestnya


da hb!! dapat hadiah lagi yeeee

Idayu said...

very simple yet practical method to apply.thanks for sharing

Nia said...

wah,..sebab tu la akak menang...entry akak mmg best!

Aleyn said...


transformed housewife said...

thanks everyone. ada lg contest2 kat ParentThots tau. Jom masuk beramai2.