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Friday, May 6, 2011

Has Mother's Day become an over commercialised day?


Have you ever realized that every year during Mother's Day, there'll be a lot of promotions going on. Many shopping malls, shops, online shops and others will give interesting offers, free gifts or special discounts. All of that is done by using the Mother's Day celebration as the pulling factor. I don't really anything against the practice BUT I just don't agree when some of them purposely use the celebration to charge more or they are selling the over-priced products and get away with it. After all, the ministry doesn't have enough man power to check everything. 

So, what do you as a mom (if you are a mom) expect from your kids on Mother's Day? Or if you aren't a mom yet, what have you plan or what have you bought for your beloved mom? As for me, I've never expected anything from my daughters. Normally they'll make a card in their school and they'll give the card to me. The best gift I would like to have is just their sincere love. Since this year is the third year  for me for not be able to wish "Happy Mother's Day" to my late mum, I just can wish my mum-in-law and pray for my late mum. Only Allah knows how I miss her and there's always an empty space in my heart where it used to be the place for my late mum.

What do you reckon about this issue? Do you think that some people have taken advantages on Mother's Day just to sell their products?


Xiet_Enigma said...

I do think that some ppl have taken advantage on Mother's day.... And I would just hope my children will pray for me, not only during this mother's day, but every day...

Happy mother's day sis! :)

Ayl Aziz said...

Happy Mother's Day..
I didn't buy anything for my mom and didn't expect anything from my children. Ucapan tanda ingatan sudah memadai.