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Friday, May 20, 2011

A peaceful demonstration that I didn't know when I saw .....................


I was walking on my way back from work when a number of FRU(Federal Reserved Unit) police officers waited in front of the Australian High Commission building. I was quite puzzled with what was going on but I kept walking until I asked one security guard across the road. He informed me that the police officers were waiting for some protesters. I didn't want to ask more about the protest since I had to go back quickly. I reckoned I could find some information about the protest later. By the time I left, the protest didn't start yet.

When I came back, I started to find some information from the internet. But the internet connection was down. So, I stopped searching first and prepared the dinner.Only after dinner, I started to search for the information. I managed to find two news coverage on this issue. Why don't you read the news and then please share what do you think of this issue?

This was the first news from Arab News:

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: About 300 Malaysians have staged a peaceful protest against plans for an Australian-built rare earth refinery amid fears of radioactive pollution.
The plant being built by Australian miner Lynas in eastern Malaysia could curtail China’s monopoly on the global supply of rare earths for making high-tech goods.
Protesters including opposition lawmakers marched Friday from Kuala Lumpur’s Petronas Twin Towers to a street near the Australian High Commission. Some carried banners that read “Go back to Australia” and “Malaysia not a radioactive waste dump site.” Lynas says the plant will have state-of-the art contamination controls. It is meant to refine slightly radioactive ore from Western Australia. The International Atomic Energy Agency is helping Malaysia investigate whether there would be any risks.

 The second news from NST:

Malaysians protest Australian rare earths plant 

The protesters gathered outside the Australian High Commission under a heavy police presence, holding posters that read “Too toxic! Too risky!” and
“We don’t want Lynas” and “Lynas, go back to Australia.”

KUALA LUMPUR: More than 150 people demonstrated today in the Malaysian capital against an Australian rare earths refinery they say will endanger residents and the environment.

The protesters gathered outside the Australian High Commission under a heavy police presence, holding posters that read “Too toxic! Too risky!” and
“We don’t want Lynas” and “Lynas, go back to Australia.”

Lynas is the Australian company that is building a rare earths plant near the town of Kuantan in the eastern state of Pahang.

The Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP) was scheduled to begin processing rare earths — used in high-tech products from iPods to missiles — in the third quarter of 2011.
Following public concern that the plant would produce radioactive waste, the government said last month it would not issue a pre-operating licence to Lynas and bar imports of raw materials from Australia to be processed at the facility, pending a review by an independent panel of UN atomic energy experts.

“We, the residents of Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia are extremely concerned over the proposed construction and operation” of the plant, Vincent Jiam, chairman of the Save Malaysia Committee, said in a memorandum sent to the Australian High Commission (embassy).

“We are resolved to continue our struggle to safeguard our air, water and soil from LAMP’s (and others’) deadly wastes.”
The protesters appealed to the embassy to stop the plant or at least take back the radioactive waste they say it will produce.

The protest lasted about an hour with the demonstrators shouting “Stop Lynas” and “Long live the people” opposite the iconic Petronas Twin Towers.

Lynas has welcomed the government review, insisting that the plant is safe and represents no hazard to the community. - AFP


My reaction: I have to agree with the protesters because they have the right to have the fears. This kind of toxic waste plant is too risky and of course Malaysians don't want this unnecessary danger just because we want to curtail China's monopoly in the business of providing supply of rare earths for making high-tech goods.  


kakyong said...

kenapa M'sia sibuk nak buat loji nuklear at the 1st place? siapa yg agreed & signed all this???

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Anonymous said...

klu kontrak dah disign, boleh lg ke nak batalkan? bahaya, bahaya!