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Monday, May 2, 2011

A Hotspring Retreat: Sg Klah Hotspring Recreational Park


Early in the morning right after breakfast, we set up our journey to Sg. Klah Hotspring in Sungkai, Perak. The main intention for my hubby is to check out the place for his future project that he is planning to get a grant. For my daughters and I, we just want to have some fun and have a nice retreat by going back to nature.

Here were the things we saw when we arrived:

Here's the important information about this place:
Sungai Klah Hot Springs Park
36000 Sungkai
Operating hours: 8am – 10pm daily
Entrance Fees: RM10 for adults, RM8 for children (2-11 years)

The first thing that we had to do was to purchase the tickets from the main entrance. By the time we arrived, there were already a lot of people waiting in lines to purchase the their tickets. We were given these things (see the things on Fathini's and my wrists):

Once we were inside, we stop somewhere to pose a family photo before changing our clothes. Luckily I remembered to bring the tripod. If not, we would have had to ask somebody to help us. 

After we had changed our clothes, we went on to explore the park. On the way, we saw some interesting hot pools. Some people were sitting on the edge and dipped their feet inside. We also saw a therapeutic path beside one of the hot pools, a pool where people can boil eggs and other hot small hot pools. We were not interested to boil any eggs even when we could buy some eggs there. My hubby was busy taking photos of the hot pools and checking the temperatures as well. (for his study) 
Then, we proceeded to the cold pool as Fathini and Hafizah couldn't wait to dip their feet into water. When we arrived at one of the cold pool, our daughters were so excited. My hubby and I took turn in taking care of our daughters in the pool. When I went in the pool with Fathini & Hafizah, my hubby became the guard as there was no one else who could take care of our things. Hafizah was so brave that she asked her papa to accompany her to slide down from the big slide. Fathini was okay when I asked her to join me at the slide but halfway through, she changed her mind and she screamed on top of her lung when I coaxed her to try. We had to go down from the small and steep stairs when she changed her mind! huhu. We stayed there until Fathini and Hafizah had started to feel cold and hungry. We didn't bring any food with us since we've planned to continue our journey to my aunt's house in Ipoh. We could see that other families brought their own food since it was allowed and there's no cafe or restaurant in the park. All that we could find was snacks.

Before we left, we decided to try dipping our feet in one of the hot pools. Fathini tried to dip her feet for few seconds but we didn't allow Hafizah because we were afraid that she couldn't stand the heat. I could feel the burning sensation even after dipping my feet for 2 seconds. My hubby was able to dip his feet longer and he even posed for the camera. 
So, it was fun and relaxing to be able to enjoy the scenery and the retreat there. Next time (if there's next time), I reckon bringing your own food and bring more family members are the best thing we can do there. There's a place if you are interested to stay, Felda Residence offers good accommodation if you are willing to pay about RM600 per night. Well, it was definitely not in our list since that's too much for us. 


Idayu said...


if kat sni, we called it onsen. lbh kurang sma jek..

kakyong said...

kakyong tak penah sampai situ lagi..

x tau pulak rate resort tu semahal itu... huhuuu

ada tag utk adyani... klik HB dah..

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SyidaGorjes said...

macam best je.dah lama tak pegi hot springs.tapi 600/night agak expensive for us.