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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Baby & Mom Expo in Mid Valley on 8th May 2011 and a special reunion.


Yesterday we spent the about 5 hours in Mid Valley, Megamall. Our main intention was to meet up with some of our good friends in Hamilton, NZ. One of my friends, Hanna (the pregnant lady in the photo) has been staying in Malaysia since Dec. because her husband is now in UK doing his data collection. So, she came with her daughter and son. Another friend, K. Ija came with her husband. They left their kids at home since they don't want to bring their children at the busy mall especially on Sunday.

Our appointment was at 12 o'clock but we went so early because we knew that it would be very hard to find a parking space on Sunday. When we arrived at 10.20, there were already a lot of cars there. We didn't realize what was happening until we went up and saw the Baby & Mom Expo! hehe. So, the expo was actually the place where we hang out before we went down to meet our friends. We just visited some booths and checked out some interesting offers. I met Anie from Comel Lote Collection. I said hi and also bought a nice hat from her. She gave two free tiny bear key chains for my daughters. After that, we checked some interesting booths like booths that were promoting educational toys and books for children. We were even stopped by one of the salesman at the Grolier booth for 15 minutes when he asked us to listen to his explanations with no obligations on buying his products. we listened  to his explanation but we has to decline the sounds-too-good offers since we were just checking out and browsing for information. When it was 11.45 p.m., we left the expo and headed down.

Some photos at the expo

Things that we received for free and also some that we bought.

With Anie

We saw Hanna and her children by 12.15. We chatted and took some pictures before we decided to have lunch together at a cafe named Little Penang. My other friend and her husband didn't arrive yet during that time. She asked us to have lunch first. We chose some food like Assam Laksa, Prawn Noodle, Chicken and Rice set and Fried Rice. The kids were too excited to really sit and eat. They were more busy warming up with each other and by the time we finished eating, they were already running around the table. After we left the cafe, K.Ija and her husband Dr. Sazali arrived. They were so excited to see us because it has almost a year since we last saw each other. They suggested to go somewhere for a coffee. So, we walked and searched for a nice place to have coffee. We talked about so many things as there were so many stories to be exchanged. It was just a nice long chat of old friends. 1 hour later, we parted and bid farewell and promised to get together again in the future. 

P/S: I know it's already Tuesday. I just didn't have time to write about my Mothers Day weekend. So, what about yours?


.m.u.n.i.r.a. said...

hepi mother's day kak nur!

yatie chomeyl said...

ni saing2 kat NZ dulu tu ko?

kakyong said...

lama tak singgah sini, klik HB

adyani dah jumpa wan anie ya.. best kan bila dpt jumpa kawan2..

n3 terbaru kakyong
Drama Nora Elena vs novel Kasih yang suci
Anak dara ku dah macam boboi ker… ;)
Cepat mengaku.. sapa yang antor ni

transformed housewife said...

Munira- Happy Mothers Day to you too.

Tie- yup. sain2 kat NZ dulu.

Kyong- thn lps dah jumpa Anie. Thn ni baru jumpa pulak la.