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Monday, May 30, 2011

A new beginning of another journey.

Dear Asul,

I was so happy to be able to send you yesterday to a place where you'll begin another meaningful journey in your life. Hopefully everything is okay and you'll make yourself comfortable. Maybe you had concealed your true feelings when you could see that other students had so many relatives sending them to that Centre For Foundation Studies UIA, BUT you only had me, your brother in-law and your nieces sending you. Well, it doesn't matter so much because you know the fact that all of our family members are in fact feel so proud of you and they have done all they could to appreciate your hard work before. All you have to do now is to concentrate on your study and achieve more success. You know that I'm just few kilometres away from that place and you can always count on me.


e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

adik ker tu kak? seronok tempoh alam u kan :)

NoEn said...

sesungguhnya saya rindu akan tempat itu...congratz tuk adik k.nur :)
dia amik course ape ye?

transformed housewife said...

aah. Adik lelaki bongsu. Masuk matrik UIA.

isabelle said...

woh...masuk matriks.

yatie chomeyl said...

u made me cry :(

transformed housewife said...

I didn't mean to upset you. He looked so calm yesterday. BUT it's good that the place is so near to where I'm staying now.

Lizan said...

tahniah kat nur sekeluarga adik dapat masuk uia.. best la.