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Monday, May 23, 2011

Voltaren makes one man becomes happy?


 Voltaren® (diclofenac sodium enteric-coated tablets) : or in a simpler English is a type of pain killer has been identified as the main reason for a mystery man to act abnormally. He is just a normal man with a normal job. He has been suffering with an eye infection on his right eye after a unfortunate incident few months ago. 

This morning, he was given Voltaren to reduce the itchiness on his right eye. The pain killer was quite effective as he did not feel itchy anymore after taking the tablets. Little that he knew, the drug came with harmless side effect. After taking the Voltaren, his mood has been changing to a happy mood. He has become so cheerful. He has had the urged to smile the whole day. He has laughed and giggled to not-so-funny-situations. When he checked out and asked from the expert, they said that there's nothing to be worried.

(Source: My-own-news)

What do you reckon about the news?
Have any of you discovered some side effects after taking a pain killer named "Voltaren"?
 Would you like to know who was the man?

He is..........
My hubby. He is just not himself today. 
I don't know if I should be happy or worry that he's not himself today.


Makbed said...

oh my! i never experienced that. sebab saya mmg allergic voltaren. jamah 1 je, terus bengkak muka.

yatie chomeyl said...

i think u should be happy, buke sene abe arif nk sengih sepanjang hari hehehehe

Nia said...

adakah itu mcm panadol kak?

transformed housewife said...

Mak Bed: bengkak muka lg bahaya tu.

Tie: tersengih sokmo tu jd pelikla pulok. huhu

Nia: Mcm Panadol tapi namanya Voltaren.