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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Parents Always Try to do the BEST for their Children.


It's Saturday and it's also the first day of a-two-week-school-holiday. As usual, we don't really have any special plan for our children. Though few months ago I planned to go back to my hometown (Tumpat, Kelantan), we had to cancel the plan due to our financial constraints. This month, we have had to pay so many things as we just signed up to buy a house in Kota Seriemas, Nilai. For those who have had the experience in buying a house, you know that it's not cheap and in thee beginning there are so many things that you need to pay like paying for the developer's lawyer and the 10% from the total cost of the house. We also had to pay for the mid year miscellaneous fees of our daughters kindergarten. I'm sure the other parents have experienced this kind of financial constraints.

I feel bad that we can't really bring our daughters to visit my hometown or go for a holiday in other places during this school holiday. However, it has made me realize that if we are not BAD PARENTS if we can't afford to bring them out for a holiday. Parents always try to do the BEST for their children no matter what. There are other things that we can still do to entertain them during this school holiday. Since I'm also going to have one week holiday, I'm planning to do these activities with my daughters. So, if you also want some ideas, let's see if any of these activities is suitable for you too.


1. Do some simple cooking or baking together.
    - for example: I love baking muffins, simple cake, making fruit salad, fruit kebab or even any Kuih Melayu like Banana Fritters (Pisang Goreng).

2.  Do some painting using A3 papers and water colour paints.
    - This can be done outdoor or just in the balcony of your house to avoid the further mess. Sometimes our children can paint on old newspapers and then we dry the masterpieces after they have finished painting.

3. Do some spring cleaning together.
   - I love to involve my children in doing the spring cleaning. We can always delegate some easy tasks for them like asking them to choose any of the unwanted and broken toys, clothes and even teach them how to tidy up their room.

4. Use your imagination and also their imagination for unlimited fun play.
   - Old clothes can be used for playing dress-up. Their soft toys can be used for any kinds of ROLE PLAY like they pretend to be a VET, a DOCTOR, a SHOPKEEPER or a TEACHER.

5. Make some picture puzzles together.
   - Cut some pictures, paste them on a cardboard and then cut them into smaller pieces of puzzle. The next thing you know, your children will have a lot of new puzzles.

6. Teach and introduce some traditional games to your children.
  - We have so many traditional games that the new generation nowadays are not aware of. It'll be good to teach some traditional games like CONGKAK,  TENG TENG, BATU SEREMBAN and many more.
Our traditional games can teach our children about agility, precision, thinking skills and even Mathematical skills.

I reckon there are more activities but those are the things that I can think of now. Happy holiday to all school children and to all parents, let's find some valuable to spend with our kids.


yatie chomeyl said...

cuti tgh tahun ko? best nyo cuti..nok cuti retep..serabut doh study huhuhhu

Diyana said...

3 hari pertama cuti,saya blk kmpg.isnin kelas tmbhn,hari ni..aktiviti dgn anak2 dalam rumah...huhu.mak aih..itu pn penat la kak..haha. yela,suma tak reti bahasa lg.nak tggu cerdik2 mcm anak2 kak..lambat lagi la.hihihi