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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another baby now? Hmmmm...............


I kind of have some urging feeling lately about having another baby/child. BUT.......with so many unsettled things at hands now like we are still living in my in-laws house, my hubby is still struggling in finishing his PHD, Hafizah is still refuse to be toilet trained and I'm planning to do my Masters this year. I feel that I can't juggle too much on my plate. Thus, the urge that I'm having has to be put aside or actually has to be postponed at the moment.

I don't want to do injustice or abuse my baby if I can't provide a nice environment for him(yup- I want to have a son if possible), I can't really take care of him or I can't give everything that a baby needs. Having a baby requires such a BIG responsibility and I don't want to deny his rights just because I feel that I want to have a son. I always feel that when we as the parents are not able to provide our children needs, we are actually abusing them by denying their rights to get the best from us. It's not cheap to raise a child nowadays and YES some people think that why did our parents were able to raise us even with limited source of income? Well...........if we want to just provide the basic needs of shelter, food, clothes and love, we might be able to meet their needs. But if we expect more like we want them to succeed and finish their education at the highest level possible, we should have consider about that even BEFORE we conceive them!

I know that you will give your mixed reaction to this topic. I'm just trying to channel my frustrations and anger to parents who are denying their children rights. YES.....I know sometimes they say that they just can't help it BUT .....shouldn't we at least try our best to provide the needs for our children and not letting them suffer? Why do we want to run away from our responsibilities as parents when we ourselves chose to be PARENTS???

P/S:   Tie(Yatie Chomeyl).....I think you can understand and try to guess why am I writing about this. Hope that you know somehow what is still happening here.


mommyYen said...

don worry kak Nur,what wil happen,wil be happen naturally.(concieve)by the time 'he' arrived,(wink2) ur financially mbe dah stable..i believe u can manage it well..

Susan Elsa Saiful said...

Nur, I absolutely agree with you. Consideration should be made before making decisions like this. Am having similar thought at the moment.

transformed housewife said...

Sati- it's not just financial status but also other things that should be in the considerations as well.

Susan- We're in the same boat.

dbalkis said...

totally agree K.Nur, some ppl already ask me when will be the 2nd one. I can't really explain to them but I have the answer myself. Asalkan kita suami isteri tau cukupla. I really want to have adik2 Dhani but I want to get pregnant when I really want it not because other ppl ask for it..haha..

transformed housewife said...

Couldn't agree more dear. It's better to do it because we want it not bcs of other people's pressures.

yatie chomeyl said...

i totally understand. i want a baby girl, and u want a baby boy hehehe

takpolah, as soon as dh habis ngaji..buleh la tamboh anok...tiap2 tahun beranok pong takpo bilo dh kijo mmolek