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Monday, January 31, 2011

First in Tunisia and Now in Egypt. (Understanding why they are protesting)


I have read from the newspapers, watch the new on tv, read from the other blogs and also find out more information from Al-Jazeera about what's happening in Egypt now. While most Malaysian bloggers wrote about the appeal and the hope that all Malaysians are going to be safe during this dangerous time, I want to share something that some of us might not realize why they have no other means of expressing their anger and frustration. I'm also concern about the safety of those who are residing in Egypt now and I pray that they'll be okay.

When there are high unemployment, soaring food price and politic repression, will you do something about it? If there's one person who control everything in the country for so.....long and somehow don't really try to help his people to have a comfortable life, will you be angry? Now, let's see the deadly demonstrations in photos:

As for me, I won't judge their actions now if we don't understand the causes to their actions. From what I've read (Al-Jazeera is a more trustful news source compared to C**), I reckon they have no other choice but to do the series of demonstrations to end the autocratic government under the president Hosni Mubarak. I suggest if you also want to know more, read THIS and THIS before you decide your stand on this issue.

EU labeled their actions as "extremism" but when they can only understand what is happening if they are in these people's shoes. This is what Italian foreign minister said:
"I am sure Egyptians will be in a position to choose democracy and civil rights, not extremism, not radicalism," (Franco Frattini) (Source: HERE)

Now, I would like to know what's your opinion or your stand about this issue? What do you reckon the best way for them to voice out their anger and frustrations?


Diyana said...

org sebelah Asia Barat mmg sudah terkenal dgn sikap agresif sebegini.apapun,pd saya ..saya tak boleh la nak judge derang mmdgkan saya tidak pernah berada pd situasi mereka yg sentiasa dalam tekanan sejak berpuluh2 tahun. derita depa semua ni kak..tak sama dgn 'derita' yg org Malaysia dok war2kan skrg yg kata kerajaan zalim on so on. pd saya, kerajaan Malaysia masih ada budi bicara walaupun mmgla ada slack sini sana..apapun kita tetap aman makmur.mcm negara yg ada sistem presiden tak pun diktaktor mcm ni..mmg tekanannye lain brbanding negara yg boleh rakyatnya bersuara melalui pilihanraya.

yatie chomeyl said...

i hope our pemimpin learn from this issue before our country pun jadi gini jugop nanti

eb ezrin2 said...

aper yg sbenarnyer belaku nih?... eB tertingal ketapi la...

transformed housewife said...

Diyana- mmg diaorg dah lama kena tekan dgn presiden diaorg.

Tie- kito doa spy jge sampai Msia jadi lagu tu jugok. takut kalu sampai ado perintah berkurung.

Eb- Akk suggest Eb baca kat Al-Jazeera utk tahu lebih lanjut.

cikpuanhady said...

saya setuju yg diorang buat demonstrasi, tapi saya tak setuju depa duk rosakkan harta orang lain esp. bilamana org yg dirosakkan hartanya juga mengalami nasib yang sama..

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