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Monday, January 31, 2011

Cold & Cough Medications are not suitable for the kids under 6?


Is is normal for your kids to be down with cold, flu or fever at least once a month? Do they have to stay in their kindy and then nursery during the weekdays? Do you always worry about their condition when they are down with flu, cold or cough? How many of you realize that it's better not to give any cold, cough or flu medications for children under 6 years old?

I know I just asked too many questions. But today I want to share what I just found out. Well......maybe some of you already know about this. Health Canada is warning parents not to give the over-the-counter cough and cold medicine to kids under the age of 6. Here are the excerpt from the article that I read:

"Cough and cold medicines offer only temporary relief of symptoms such as runny nose, cough, or nasal congestion," says the release. "Symptoms can also be managed using a variety of non-medicinal measures such as adequate rest, increased fluid intake and a comfortable environment with adequate humidity." 

(to read more, click on HERE)

Both my daughters (age 3 years 7 months and 6) are frequently down with cold, cough or flu. These sickness which come from viruses, are hard to be cured as viruses are getting so advance and keep changing. They are still in the stage where they need to build up their immune system. In a simple way of explanation, this condition is like a house that as been equipped with the-state-of-art security system but still any clever or more advance robbers can always find their way to break in the house.

So, what I normally do:
  • to take 2 teaspoons of  honey, squeeze some lemons in a warm water and give them the drink. 
  • apply VICKS Vaporub on their chests and backs. 
  • give them plenty of fluid (can be water, warm milk or any drink they prefer)
  • switch off the fan when they go to bed at night.
  • avoid from giving any cold drinks or ice cream until they are better.
Do you have any other natural remedies or ways of reducing cough, flu or cold? I would love to hear from you too!


SyidaGorjes said...

i did the same.nak bagi ubat selalu pun kesian kat dia...

mamamuaz said...

i used to give my boy plenty of water...air suam is better ;)

Nadiah Sidek said...

alhamdulillah safiyyah jarang sakit tapi ari tu dia batuk & selsema mmg nadiah tak bg ubat kat dia. rasa tak elok je. nadiah bg safiyyah madu & bg dia minum air kosong byk2. walaupun ambil masa, alhamdulillah hilang juga batuk & selsema dia

Anonymous said...

kat sini mana ada gp bg ubat klu batuk or running nose. sy selalu bg ubat homeopathy n sapu minyak serai wangi kat leher n dada

hernia surgery Los Angeles said...

It is definitely not advisable to give too many medicines to the children under the age of 6.There are natural home remedies also which help like fresh ginger and honey syrup which look after the cold and cough.

Ladysirna said...

kak nur, all antihistamine not really good for children less than 6 coz it has effect on neurological system in which may cause respiratory depression or severe drowsiness, i had a case in which 3 months old baby was given adult cough mixture and end up with coma. Most of the time, i can say about 98% flu and cold in children cause by virus. the treatment is supportive; bed rest and plenty of water. kak, i pun ingat nak beli honey juga, do you know which pure honey is the best?

Ladysirna said...

but, sometimes kalau my childrens dah teruk sgt flu and cold, or if they really had a bad cough(say more than a week) i do give them some antihistamine and antibiotics...hehe, sorry banyak plak komen

EMR said...

The vaporub is not too good for the chest as it develops cold to be congested in the chest.lemon,honey and ginger are natural cures for cold and cough.