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Sunday, January 23, 2011

The beauty of online contests & giveways.


    I started to join online contests and giveaways after my sister, Yatie Chomeyl (ye selalu bg glamer nama dia kat sini. hehe) gave a lot encouragement and even helped me with the coding because I didn't really know how to put up the banner of contests and giveaways and then link them to the specific entry in the blogs. I've won some prizes and gained a lot of friends throughout the process. Some of the blogger friends are those who always visit my blog too. (You know who you are*wink*wink*).

Now, "My hardworking child/children contest" is still on until 10th Jan. 2011. I myself just realized some of the participants are also the organizers of the giveaways and contests that I've joined too like Mama Amana & Arief's giveaway "Kids and Kindergarden by Siapa Saya?Sayalah and Nad's giveaway "Aku rindu sayang kamu Giveaway".

That has made me think of the beauty of having the contests and giveaways even though I realize some bloggers have discussed this issue before. I just want to share my point of view regarding this too.

The beauty of online contests and giveaways:
1- It's totally free except that you must pay your internet bill every month.
2- If you are the organizer, it's the best chance to get to know other bloggers that you never heard before.
3- It makes you thinking on how to construct a more creative entry to stand out from others.
4- If you win, you'll get nice prizes for you or for your kid.
5- You can be the organizer and at the same time you are also one of the participants in other people's contests or giveaways. (like what I've told you just now.hehe)
6- It's also will force you on finding the time to enter as many contests and giveaways as possible to have a greater chance of winning. That's why I chose the name Crazy abt contests for my contest and giveway blog..

Now, what say you? Care to enlighten me with your view on this?


yatie chomeyl said...

bilo join contest or organize contest, traffic ke blog pun makin naik jugop :)

isabelle said...

mmg sng.cuma x larat buat link dan kena follow.

Nia said...

saya syukur sgt akak sudi join contest saya..hehe

sekrg saya kena cari gambo Diha yg cun utk join contest akak pulak.

Baby&Me Shopping Style Contest

transformed housewife said...

Tie- meme traffik pun tinggi.

Isabelle- dah adat nak masuk contest tu. hehe

Nia- ok sure. Akk tunggu sbb due lambat lg.

kakyong said...


honestly, kakyong kan dpt buat ramai kawan blog mainly melalui contest & GA...