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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

FB management people are selling information about us to other companies?


I received an e-mail from my hubby warning me about what is wrong with FB these days. It started of by being a usual social networking site. Then, after it become so famous, they have done a lot of changes and amendments to the site. The latest announcement that this site will be close by March this year has stirred up a lot of reactions among the FB fans. I'm not really a huge fan anymore. (yup- used to be a huge fan in the beginning especially after being able to contact most of my x-course mates & school mates)However, after looking at and I myself have experienced some negative experiences using FB, I'm considering my hubby's suggestion to deactivate my FB account. I can't really give support or any assurance about my hubby's claim but if any of you who are reading this entry care enough to enlighten us about this issue, you are most welcome to.


Nur Misnan said...

seriously? oh dear.. kena glue
semua gambar..
actually im not huge fan 2
but sometimes i have too for my
updating2 u... hu3

thanks for sharing.. =)

transformed housewife said...

NM- tak tahu sejauh mana kebenaran diaorg jual info kita tu. tapi kita mmg kena hati2 dgn personal details yg kita bg.

Hamizah said... malas nak deactivate sbb tu crnya kita boleh contact family dan kawan2