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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Fruitful (like Tuty Fruity) ECE Seminar at GBOB.


Last Sunday Jan. 9th, I attended the ECE Seminar which was conducted at GBOB office. I brought along my daughters as it was not really a formal seminar. It was kind of semi-formal seminar (I reckon) because the participants kids were allowed to stay there and played in the next room.

We arrived very early because I was so excited to attend it. This is also because it had been a while since I attended any kind of seminar or workshop. (except for the workshops in my workplace which normally a must) The second participant to arrive was JIEY. I felt so happy to be able to meet her in person because I've been one of the loyal readers in her blog. She's one of super mom who believe her son's potentials to defy all the odds. The participants then also arrived including Lyna. I didn't really get to know the other participants because the seminar started from 9.30 until 3.30. We only had a short break in between to have lunch and look after our kids' need.

I actually can't really share what have I learned from the seminar because I've signed the paper that says I can't reveal the content of the seminar. What I can say is it was really fruitful and Watie managed to influence us to change our perception towards ECE for the sake of our children.If you want to know more, you have to contact Watie to find out when is the next seminar as I reckon she has planned to organize more seminars. Before I went back home, I managed to snap some photos with Jiey, Watie and Lyna.


kakyong said...

aiseh... org yg jauh mcm kakyong ni x dpt la nak tau intipati seminar ni yer... rahsia rupanya... ;)

Watie Aziz said...

kak nur, tq so much for this lovely entry about my seminar ..sangat menghargainya .. hehehe.. :) nantyi nak paste kat blog watie kay .. :)

yatie chomeyl said...

I'm jealous...u get to meet these 3 superwoman..nanti ti kelik Msia, nok jupo sek dio retep

btw, look at the lact picta, tini & fizah are staring at u..hehehe