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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Amusing Literal Translation- Fathini & Hafizah's style


My daughters; Fathini & Hafizah are still in the process of acquiring Bahasa Melayu after they have been introduced to English first. This is due to fact that they need to use English when we were in New Zealand in order for them to socialize with their Kiwi friends in Peachgrove Playcentre.

So now, they always come out with some amusing translation of certain words when they are not sure what are the correct terms. Let's see some words that I'm able to recall today. 

1.   No hand t-shirt. (FOR SLEEVELESS T-SHIRT)

I reckon you can guess why they use the term "no hand" RIGHT? It's the literal translation from BM of   "baju tanpa lengan". hehe

2.  I don't want to friend you! (FOR I HATE YOU, I DON'T WANT TO BECOME YOUR FRIEND ANYMORE)

     Again this is quite normal and this sentence is what kids like to use whenever there are some arguments or they are having misunderstanding. No matter how many times I want to correct them, my daughters just refuse to use the correct sentence just because they hear their friends use it everyday.

All right. Since today is SATURDAY.....I reckon I better keep this entry short and simple. SO, till next time. BYE.


isabelle said...

hahaha.kiut betul budak2 nih

ICA said...

Nur, clever betoi the girls ni... biasalah in the phase of learning, mcm2 boleh keluar from their mouth kan. My girls too sometimes keluar funny2 words dlm satu ayat sekaligus coz they mix english+malay = Rojak EngLay...

fireflies said...

comel la fathini & Fiza.. rindu kat diorang

mama_iris said...

ayat kedua tu mmg selalu digunakan dulu2...hehehe.."taknak kawan ko.."
"i don't wanna friend you"..hehhehe

Anonymous said...

agaknya bila balik mesia, english scottish bakal bertukar jd english melayu...