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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

RM100 for your groceries is not enough!


How much do you spend to buy groceries every week? How about every month?  Lately, I notice that after the prices of many important things hike up, RM100 per week is not enough even after you follow your shopping list. I've tried to stick to my shopping list every time I go out to a supermarket. However, with every thing is not getting so cheap, we somehow have to adjust to cut down on some unnecessary things. I admit that sometimes we tend to buy things that we don't really need like some unhealthy snacks. Doing the budget now is not easy because we need to readjust and reconsider our priorities. At the end, if we don't try to readjust, we will end up spending more than we should. huhu.

So, my questions today:
How much do you normally spend for groceries every week?
How do readjust your budget?
Is there any other ideas on how to cut on certain expenses?


Jiey^Mien said...

Mmg K.Nur.. Rsnya, RM50 utk brg basoh seminggu.. RM500 per month utk brg kering.. Habis adjust dh tu.. *sigh*

mila.ibunajihah said...

sy family kecik lg..anak pn tak reti lg nk request makanan2 lain selain vitagen, so each month belanja rm200 utk beli stok2 brg dapur, per week sy set siap2 rm50-rm60 utk brg mmg betul, bajet kdg lari jugak, semua menda mahal la skrg kak nur.

mila.ibunajihah said...
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aNgAh_aLiFaH said...

as salam knur,
sy ni belom ada anak, kalau shopping pun utk 2 org je. biase g giant, mesti abis 300++. kalau suami ikut, bole kurang sket, sbb dia bole kontrol kan. kalau sorang, lagi melonjak..

tapi sy beli utk sebulan lebey. tak campur brg basah lagi. beli seminggu skali. brg mmg mahal skang.

Anonymous said...

mmg tak cukup
kalau beli paling sikitpun kena bayhar rm150 huwaaaaaaaaaaaa

yatie chomeyl said...

meme pon brg2 di msia mahal, x pade dgn gaji. duk jepung pong buleh belibanyok doh groceries dgn duit 1000yen *lebih kure maksudnnya mace RM100 duit Msia la*

sbb tu kade2 raso mace xsey kelik msia..nok dok jepung jah sokmo huhuhu

KambingBujang said...

huda spend rm500 kat tesco permonth. rm500 including susu,diapers, groceries,brg umh. kena pandai2 la squeeze in and out nak spend rm500 ni.

luckylizan said...

Ya lah, semua mahal skg. Dgr susu nak naik harga. Nasib baik aqeel bf, penjimatan besar2 tu..

isabelle said...

i just go, pick & pay.
tp lps ni kena telek gak kot.
bukan byk duit sgt pun.
ni dah ada 2nd baby, hv to spend wisely la

lil sharky said...

I shop in Giant. My weekly grocery expenses is around RM150.
I think groceries are getting more expensive these days.

transformed housewife said...

So, the conclusion is let's choose our priorities and see how mush we can save.