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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Photos tell the story of National Science Centre & Dinos Alive. (PART 1)


We went to this place this morning and we spent about 3 hours there exploring and learning something new.

Can anyone guess what's the name of that place?  YUP.....It's our National Science Centre or what we call "Pusat Sains Negara". We had to pay RM25 for 2 adults and 2 children (a cheaper package). The usual ticket price is RM10 for an adult and RM5 for a child. The special exhibition has started from  December 2010 and will end by May 2011. 

Now, let's see what we did there:

TO BE CONTINUED...............


Jiey Mien said...

Kak Nur, offc Jiey opposite NSC ni jah.. Tapi tok rajin sapa eventho kijo lebih 5 thn dh.. Kak Nur sapa dulu, gano neh? :P

makcik rehan KJB said...

kami tak pi lagi. tunggu asrap besaq sikit baru 'berani' bawak dia pi...huhuhu. by that time tah2 dah tutup dah tempat ni? ye ke? ntahhh...kikikiki

mommyYen said...

wow,mesti seronok that two little girl kan...bess..hihi

transformed housewife said...

Jiey- laa....ofis dekat tu jah. Knur lamo doh nk gi bawok budok2 sbb budok2 ni pun dle umur hok tengoh excited nok belajar mace2.

MR- tak tutupla. DIaorg bukak setiap hari kecuali hari Jumaat je. Cuti umum pun bukak.

Sati- mmg diaorg seronok sgt2. Berlari2 tengok mcm2 alat dan Dinosaur tu.

nadnye said...

ok.. nak gi nanti..

nadnye said...

ok.. nak gi nanti..