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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Photos tell the story of National Science Centre & Dinos Alive. (PART 2)


This is a continuation of yesterday's entry. Let's see more photos and then I'll share my opinion about our trip to National Science Centre (PSN).

All in all, we had such a great fun exploring and learning lots of new things. It's a very nice place for your kids and I reckon even adults can enjoy lots of things too. We had the chance to explore the exhibition "Dinos Alive" and also the usual area in the main building, The Garden of Nature- watching butterflies, toads, iguanas and few other insects, Focal Point (with huge playground set), Pocket Garden, Water Plaza- where we were not supposed to swim but just get ourselves wet, Interactive Zone- where we can see Giant Physical Exhibits and the Aquatic House. We just didn't have time to explore Subterranean Journey building and the Pre-Historic Garden- outside of the main gate. It was really a worthwhile trip and I was glad to bring my children there. (ya...ayat yg sungguh skema.  hehe)


Mama Zharfan said...

nampak mcm fun :)

me singgah click HB :)

JOM skodeng blog me kalau sudi!

Nia said...

haha,..kalau bawak Diha, sure jerit2 dia kak.

p/s: kalau akak nak tukar gambar, tak pyh post URL baru, just edit entry lame je kak.

SyidaGorjes said...

if i bring my 3yrs old Aqid there, agak-agak dia faham tak?atau the dinos will scared him off?

transformed housewife said...

Mama Zharfan,
TQ. Singgah lg bila2. :D

Nia- Jerit2 seronok takpela. okeh. noted.

Syida- Aqid ok kot. Boys akk tengok happy je tengok Dinos tu. Lgpun Dinos tu gerak kiri,kanan, dan ada bunyi dr sound system tu je. hehe

Anonymous said...

menarik ni.. on the way suami sayo nok gi kkijo jah ni...
masuk dlm list tmpt2 nok bw anok jale2 hujung mgg.