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Friday, February 11, 2011

Diarrhea, Skipping a function & the CONTEST IS OFFICIALLY OVER.

Salam, Good morning,

It's been a while since I manage to post an entry so early. Today, I don't have to go to the office but actually I'm skipping or making an excuse from attending the CNY function in PJ centre. Well, I have a perfect excuse since both my daughters are having a terrible diarrhea since they woke up this morning. At the moment, they are so tired of going to the toilets so many times. I've given them the salty water and burnt toasts to make them feel better. If they are getting worse, I'm going to call my hubby to take them to the clinic after the Friday prayer today.

Regarding the contest-"My Hardworking Child/Children Contest", it is officially over yesterday. Today, I'll spend my time to check some more entries and compile all the hardworking children's photos and post 2 separate entries later during the day. By Monday 14th Feb, I'll announce the lucky winners with the photos of the prizes. So................................stay tune for the announcement!


Nad @ MamaZakwan said...

ok, kami tunggu...! :)

p/ : moga cepat sembuh hafizah n fathini!

Diyana said...

yehh saya tunggu jg..;)

Dia.Honey said...

noted and ngah tuning la nih

yatie chomeyl said...

saloh make ko tini & fizah?

kakyong said...

kesian nya anak2 kena CB.. semoga cepat sihat,,,