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Friday, February 18, 2011

Z.U.M.B.A. & 2 more address needed.


Fuhhhh.......I had a terrific time at my work place after the ZUMBA session conducted by one of my colleagues. Since every Friday we only have classes until 12.30, some of us decided that it would be nice if we could have a nice session of exercising. So starting from this week, we will have 1/2 hour session of Z.U.M.B.A. The session is only limited to women as we don't want to have any male spectators and it's in a secluded place.

At the beginning, there were supposed to be 10 of us. But at the end. only 7 people joined. We used the third floor where the were only the female cleaners as our spectators. We even locked the door to the third floor because even the boss had given his permission for us to conduct the session. As most of us today were the beginners, my colleagues (our two instructors) only taught the basic steps. After 15 minutes, we had enjoyed the session and started to sweat. The music that we used was quite fast but I guess that's part of ZUMBA. All of us didn't really care if missed any steps or if any of us needed to pause the movement as long as we tried. If we were to join the ZUMBA class, it would cost us a fortune! That's why I reckon, if you have friends who share the same interest, why don't you organize some ZUMBA sessions together and you can make it exclusive only for women in a secured place or even in someone' house. By the way, there's no photos of us since I was busy trying to cope with the steps and I also treat the session as our private moment with the lovely women at work. hehe

On the other note, I would like Izan from and Lya from to contact me at because I need to have their full name, address and phone number. If any of you know them, please tell them about this. I'll try to visit their blogs and try to alert them about this too. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

ZUMBA? lagu mano tu? mace senamrobik ko? bes la buat utk kaum pompuan shj..

Hamizah said...

berzumba plak..
kat cni pon tgh popular ni..
teringin jg tp tggu lps pantang..

transformed housewife said...

fa10- mcm aerobik tapi lebih ko menari sikit. best!

Mizah- sajala pakat utk Tino jah sbb nok jago aurat.

*∽ IZAN ∽* said...

roger rogerr! dah dapat alert.. thanksss!!

transformed housewife said...

ok. by Monday or Tuesday, I can post the prizes.