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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stress Out!


Stress Out

Should I blame you,
Should I be so stress out,
Or maybe,
I just need to chill out,
If only I know,
How to go,
From teaching her so,
Being a diaper-less kid,
Is what she need,
With lots of encouragement and a promise of a treat,
Hopefully this episode will end pretty neat.

P/S: The poem is just a way to channel my frustration and stress in toilet-training Hafizah now. It has been her third day and she still pee at the kitchen every morning and poo in her training pant. huhu


Sari said...

Dont't be too stress dear..
one HB click 4u..
by the're tagged again in here

Nadiah Sidek said...

sabar kak nur..sabar. nadiah ni tak tau la camne pulak nanti bila start potty train safiyyah :p

isabelle said...

nanti adib dah bsr,i'd have that kinda headache again...

yatie chomeyl said...

oyat ko fizah, nazhan pun dh start potty train jugop. malu la kalu k.fizah kaloh dgn nazhan

*padahal nazhan pun kade2 terlepas kencing jugop kui3x*

Hamizah said...

dah brapa thn nur?
alhamdulillah anak2 saya xsampai seminggu dah tau bgtau kita..
sabar ye..

transformed housewife said...

K.Sari- ni tengah chill out. thanks for tag.

Nadiah- mmg kena pastikan Safiyyah dah bersedia utk toilet train. Hafizah ni mcm tak sedia je lg sbb dia rasa dia baby lg. huhu

Cik Tie- royak mcm2 doh. Tok make same sunggohla HAfizah ni. Abe Ariff janji nok beli basikal utk bday dio nanti kalu dio tok pakai diaper doh. Dio berat mulut nok royak.

Mizah- dah masuk 3 thn 7 bln dah HAfizah ni.