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Monday, February 28, 2011

Men & Hobbies.


I might sound so bias towards women when we discuss this topic. I've been thinking about writing this because I've observed the men in family; from my hubby, father, father-in-law, brothers,, brother-in-law and male cousins and I've noticed that they have their own hobbies that can make them spending a lot of time and also money on their hobbies.

I want to try to list down the hobbies that I normally see and heard from my family members and friends. If you can add on to the list, you are most welcome to.  

1. Playing computer games/PSP/ video games. 
    My hubby and my brothers are among those who are really crazy about playing computer games/psp/video games. Their excuse is simple; it's better for them to spend time playing the games rather than spending time and money to entertain themselves outside. Huh?

2. Fishing
    When we were in New Zealand, some of the our male friends invited my hubby to join in their fishing expedition as it could be quite exciting and rewarding. However, my hubby is so sensitive with the fish smell. So, he turned the offers nicely. Some of them still gave us some of their catch and I must say, this hobby can be a rewarding one provided that you have the passion and patience!

3. Playing futsal (street soccer)
   Actually one of my brothers is really into this sports. He was a very active athlete when he was in secondary school. He has had suffered some injuries but he never feels enough is enough. Right now he is just playing to be healthy and to avoid having a post-marital-tummy. (perut boroi.hehehe)

4. Shooting
    This is a special hobby for my father (my abah) since he was young. He owns a rifle and his targets are always the wild birds during the monsoon season. We were so used to helping him in plucking the birds' feathers before my late mum cooked the birds. I was not so crazy about eating the wild birds meat but the experience and the fun of plucking the feathers are among the special moments with my siblings.

5. Fishing during the monsoon season
    This is very seasonal since my brothers (there are 5 of them) always take the opportunity to go fishing at the end of the year when the water is filling up in the paddy fields behind our grandparents' house. I'm not the expect in naming the species but those little fish end up to be our lunch or dinner. The best way to cook them is by deep frying them.

6. Buying the latest electronic gadgets.
    This can be an expensive hobby since the latest hype is always expensive. Buying the gadgets just because other people have them is not helping either. My hubby and I don't always see eye to eye about this. For example, he loves to buy new digital camera and video camera even though now we already have 2 digital cameras, 3 video cameras! However, I have to thank him for buying this net book and subscribing the internet access that has enable me to continue my blogging hobby. hehehe

All right.........Now, it's your turn to share your opinion on this topic. What about the men in your family? 


Diyana said...

suami saya stakat hr ni,no.1 sahaje yg btul2 die gile.dulu die punye 'work station' bilik belakang.makanye susahle nak jumpe en suami dlm rumah sendiri.haha. pastu saye pujuk masukkan meja dan komputer die dalam bilik utama..jd skrg saya dah tak bising,babah depa dah depan mata..saye memang jarang la nak bebel bab2 die ske main game ni..sbb btulla mcm suami kak nur kata tu,hobi ni kire hobi selamatla..dari hobi yg perlukan derang keluar dr rumah.^^

Chibi Maruko said...

my hubby love fishing too, but dia tak suka makan ikan, bau pun tak suka.. pelikkan.. bila ditanya, dia cuma jawab saya suka memancing.. psp segala benda tu dia tak suka, antara lain hobinya, dia suka travel.. so 5 tahun kahwin ngan dia, merasalah dibawak pegi lebih 20 negara.. so ini hobi laki paling saya suka sekali ;)

.m.u.n.i.r.a. said...

kaknur, husband saya suka fishing sekarang ni!ohhh sangat-sangat suka!
*dah terjoin group mancing abang2 ipar dia*

Hamizah said...

hubby sy suka motor ridimg..
saya yg xsuka bila kena tggal..

yatie chomeyl said...

mu hubby also into
(1) PSP/games
(2) playing futsal or badminton
(3) buying latest e-gadgets

plus, he loves traveling as much as I do..samo2 ado tahi lalat di kaki hehehe


hubby saya yang no 1 tue..hehe

SyidaGorjes said...

my husband is a couch potato.hehhehehhehe.bole tak?

Affieza said...

My younger brother also the one who loves playing computer games while my father love to watch tv focusing on channel sport..hehe

ICA said...

Nur, I totally agree with you. Men punya hobby can be really expensive. My father ada hobby beli kereta secondhand and kereta antik....biarpun dah habis duit dia melabur beli kereta...a few months later, dia akan tukar kereta lain pulak. Its really bad...:(

Idayu said...

tgk bola he3...asyik2 programme bola, buhsan!

transformed housewife said...

wah ramai rupanya suami2 yg giler PSP, computer games ni. Yg minat fishing dan sports lain pun ada. hehe

KambingBujang said...

my Hubby is a gadget freak. kalu bleh apa gadget baru, semua nak beli. guna kejap pas2 jual 2nd hand.. kunon nak review best ke tak

dah ada ipod touch, nak ipad, pas2 bleh lak nk upgrade ipad2. then bler both amirul and widad guna ipad/ipod dier, trus ckp nak beli galaxy tab.. ayohhh.. dier lak suka baca ebook, then mntk Kindell tuk hadiah anniversary..

every yrs dier akan mntk gadget tuk hadiah anniversary/birthday.

tp rasenyer better dier mntk gadget instead of suka modified kete, sbb boleh gak merasa guna gadget2 tue

Anonymous said...

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