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Monday, February 21, 2011

Affect & Effect (Simple English Grammar Tutorial)


Many bloggers normally share tutorials on blogging tips and secrets. BUT....I'm so suck in blogging because I always learn from the other bloggers as well. It's also because I'm hopeless in IT especially in the HTML coding etc. So, I've decided to share what I know the best- that is to share some tutorials in Simple English Grammar.

To kick start the series, I just want to share The Differences between Affect & Effect. I've noticed that many of us always use the word "Effect" for both verb and noun.Now let's see how we actually should use these two words.

1. Affect (verb)- use to show the consequence of any processes or actions.

Example: Smoking can affect our health.
                 Scoring low mark in the exam can affect your final result.

2. Effect (noun)-  it is the outcome or the consequence itself. 


The effects of smoking are mainly on the various health related problems, speeding up the aging process, can cause the birth defect on babies (for pregnant women) and also reducing the life span. 

You have to think about the effects of your action before you decide to go on with it.

Okay. This is just a short and sweet tutorial just to help those who are always confuse in the usage of these two words. If any of you would like to know about other things or you need to clarify anything, I would love to hear from you as well. You can either drop the comment here or send me your questions to my e-mail




luckylizan said...

bestnya jadi nur, boleh buat tutorial english lagi. Suka..

transformed housewife said...

saja nak kongsi apa yg Nur tahu. hehe

Idayu said...

slm nur,
sejak i baca blog u.. i terus dtg selalu. i love your english, which i feel sgt2, simple, selesa n dekat dgn saya. buatla tutorial selalu..many2 thanks

isabelle said...

jgn pelik knur.lectrr yg ada master pun ada yg x reti beza lg affect n effect. jenuh nak betulkan exam papers yg diorg buat

transformed housewife said...

Idayu- sure. I'll share in the other entries about simple English grammar.

Isabelle- kebanyakan dr kita tak perasan sgt pasal benda2 kecik tapi kdg2 bila silap, boleh bawa maksud lain.